Gennyral! Bad Pony!

So last week my sweet sweet horse clearly missed me. How do I know? Here is a little story from last Wednesday…

So they were predicting really bad thunderstorms to come through that morning so the Barn Owner got up early to go get the ponies in from night turnout. It was already starting to rain by the time she got outside. She decided to go get Gennyral first because his field is closest to the barn. She walked out to get him and saw him standing in his dirt spot.

Gennyral does not appreciate having a green, grassy field so my little monster digs himself a hole to roll in so he can get maximum mud impact to camo himself into that chestnut that he really is.

Anyway, so she calls to him to come over. Normally Gen walks right over the mornings eager to get his breakfast. That day though he just wasn’t ready to come in yet. He looked at her and started to paw at the ground as though he was about to roll. Knowing how nice and wet my horse was the Barn Owner yelled at him that he was not allowed to roll because it would cake and his Mommy was away so she would have to clean  him.

Not breaking eye contact, my horse kept pawing. The Barn Owner started to walk over. Gen started to go down so the Barn Owner picked up the pace and yelled at him again, swinging his lead rope around. Well, Gen stopped going down and gave the Barn Owner a look that clearly said he wanted to roll. She told him no. So what did my horse do?

Gennyral, still not breaking eye contact, started to RUN AFTER THE BARN OWNER!!! She, of course, high tailed it back to the gate. Seeing her retreat my boy cantered back to the dirt spot, looked over at the Barn Owner to make sure she was watching, and went down for a nice long roll.

He rolled, and rolled, and rolled while the Barn Owner laughed at my bull like pony. Once the mud was nice and paste like all over his coat, He got up, looked over at her and walked right over to the gate to come in. Still laughing the barn owner told him that now he would be last to come in because she was hoping the rain would wash some of the goo away! I don’t think Gen minded being last. I tease my horse that he is a pig, but maybe he is really just a bull trapped in a horses body! Who knew my horse would chase someone…even in good fun Gen can be a naughty pony!