hahaha…I am so screwed!

So the show I am going to TOMORROW is going to be the western style in hand class. Where is sounds like being able to stand still and trot off are really important. Hahaha. Maybe I should have practiced. I don’t even have time to get out there today so we will really be flying blind! It is the FUN show that I went to with Phoenix so at least it is low key. I will try to remember my quadrants. Is there any chance at all that I could teach a horse to trot off in the 30 minutes before my class starts? He is cute as a button too so I feel bad for not practicing because this horse would have a chance to do well. It is all in good fun though and that is all that counts right?

7 thoughts on “hahaha…I am so screwed!

  1. You are NOT screwed! If it were the triangle, you’d have to run like heck.
    You can easily teach a horse to trot off in 30 minutes. You can do it in 5 minutes.

  2. There is no show order at these fun shows usually, so go last. Watch the first few then mimic what they do. Work on trotting in hand an stopping square before the class starts.
    It will be a blast! No show nerves because you don’t expect to win! Have a great time! I am sure you will do just fine.

  3. Keep his head down when you trot – or sort of jog.

    And is it showmanship or halter? If it’s halter, you’ll be fine. If you have a fence, you may be able to teach him to trot off in a half-hour.

    Good luck!!!!

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