I’m going to a horse show this weekend…

AND SHOWING IN HAND!!!! hahahahaha!

One of my friends has a very cute black and white pinto warmblood who see needs to get out and about more. Me being the helpful person that I am, told her all about the fun show that Phoenix and I went to back in May and how it would be perfect for her. She is totally the kind of person who loves a fun show so it was not a hard sell. I offered to give her a ride to the show on one condition. She had to let me borrow her horse and do the in hand classes 🙂 This all took place right as I was ending things with Phoenix so I thought I would never show again so In Hand was exciting. Now, only a few days from showing I am starting to wonder…what was I thinking!?!?!

I have never in my life done an in hand class. I don’t even know what they are looking for. Or what to wear. The good thing is that this show is so low key that it is the perfect place to learn. To do at least a little prep for this show I looked up some videos from youtube and this one is the best I found. Any one out there have any other tips for me? And for the record, no, the horse has never been trained to do an in hand class either. Hahaha…I am so crazy, but I am also going to have a lot of fun!!