Horse Shoes in a field are like Socks in a Dryer…

Here is my theory on lost shoes…They get lost in a time space continuum when your horse looses them and do not reappear until after the farrier is driving out of the driveway having replaced the shoe.

My other thought? And this is what happened to Gen (who is obviously missing a shoe). Clearly my horse was abducted by aliens because the shoe came out with nails and all leaving his foot perfectly intacked. This had to be the work of other beings because the shoe was not even loose just hours before it came off. The aliens have the shoe and pad and are studying it now and will beam it back down tonight (because my farrier is coming today).

Those must be the only two explanations because I know my horse lost the show in turnout and the shoe is not in the field. Not only that, my horse had bell boots on! What kills me is that the shoe was not even loose and yet it somehow managed to slip off without damaging the foot at all. The barn owner and I spend 20 minutes combing Gen’s field in the blazing hot sun yesterday looking for the shoe and it was not there.

Anyone else out there have thoughts on what happens to shoes when your horse looses them?

8 thoughts on “Horse Shoes in a field are like Socks in a Dryer…

  1. Your theory is as good as any. My first horse lost shoes like crazy. I’d comb his 3 acre pasture and find 16 other shoes but NOT his. This made me totally crazy. Luckily, knock on wood, Stanley rarely knocks a shoe loose. But he also has much healthier hooves than the first horse – maybe that’s why??

  2. LOL… Yeah… My old Appy was like that. One moment … all was fine. Next? …*POOF*… shoes goes bye-bye….

    Never did find them either. I think he hid them. He had a sick sense of humor like that 😉

    And since we all KNOW Genny does toooooo, *I* think he wanted to make a game of it for his entertainment, to watch his humans wander around in the field, so he could laugh his big beautiful booty off at you…hehehehehe 😀

  3. Try looking right along the fence line? He may have hooked the heel and yanked it off while kicking at a fly. I agree though, you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of finding it until the farrier is at the end of the driveway heading out! LOL! Stay cool!

  4. When your horse loses a shoe, leaving the hoof intact, be thankful! He could have lost it and had half of the hoof go with it!

  5. I was just “high-fiving” myself because I found one of Toby’s shoes which he lost a couple of months ago. He only had the shoe on 2 days when he lost it. The mud monster got it in the spring and spit it back up a couple months later… 🙂

  6. Fred Sorenson steals them, just like he steals single socks and single earrings. He’s like Santa Claus: able to be everywhere at once. Except that he takes things instead of giving them.

    This has been my family’s explanation for years when socks go missing. Imagine my mother’s surprise when a repairman showed up at the door and introduced himself as Fred Sorenson …

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