Be Grateful…

So as I am sure you all noticed I still have not gotten my blogging mojo back. After everything that went on with Phoenix and not being able to share the whole truth, well…it has really made me question why I blog at all if I cannot tell my story totally unedited. I figured it was just a phase so I gave myself permission to take a break and blog as sporadically as I thought necessary in June. In July I would sit down and focus. Well…here it is creeping toward the end of July and I am still posting every once and a while. It is not like I don’t have a lot to write about. I do! I just haven’t been making the time to sit down and focus and do it. In fact, my pitty party has gotten so bad that I have not even been keeping up with reading everyone elses blogs as of late. I was justifying it to myself that after two and a half years I just needed a break. It was so easy to write when I had so much going on, but the reality is I still have plenty to say and yet I am not saying it. One of the reasons I started this blog was to share Gennyral’s story. I am so lucky to have my handsome pony in my life that I often take it for granted.

I need to write the cute stories I have about him because I want to remember them. In 10 years will I recall how he cleaverly dumped my grooming back and some how managed to open a sealed shut Tupperware container to get to his home made pear treats which he lined up on the part of his stall with no shavings if I don’t write down the story? I enjoy my Mexican General everyday. He brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh. I need to stop thinking about blogging as telling my story and get back to the real reason I started this and that was to tell Gennyral’s story.

What prompted all this? SolitareMare over at A Good Horse has been fighting for months to keep her horse alive. She has gone above and beyond what most people would do to save her horse Rugby, a horse who she was not even sure about because he can be young and stupid. Reading her last 3 posts just brought me back to the time when I was like that with Gen. When you promise yourself that you wont spend more than (insert $ here) on the vet bill next month unless you have an answer. When you go to the barn everyday because you feel like you have to because it might be your last visit instead of wanting to lighten your day. I am so lucky that my horse lived and that he is thriving. Just because I am only riding 1 day a week does not mean I am less of a horse person. I still have a wonderful horse that deserves all the attention in the world. SolitareMare posted that when her beloved horse Monty died he took all her luck with him. It breaks my heart to read that.

So everyone out there reading this be grateful for that you have. I wish that reminder didn’t have to come at the cost of that big giant black and white draft being sick. I am praying that something turns up to make SolitareMare’s decision easier, whatever the decision has to be…


6 thoughts on “Be Grateful…

  1. Sometimes, even with a TON of stuff going on, it doesn’t seem to get on the blog. I’m not inspired to blog and I even feel a little guilty. I tell myself that I’ll take a week, or a month but then….it turns into much much longer.

    I can totally relate. Most of the time when I get into that funk it’s because something is happening that I can’t be totally honest on the blog. And that just kills it for me. It’s interesting – we don’t live in a bubble. We can say we are going to be perfectly honest and write everything….but that’s not reality. I hate keeping silent on certain things, and I don’t usually because I feel like it sucks my blog dry.

    Not sure what the point of this was, but just know that whether yo udecide to post every day or every month, I’ll still be your reader.

  2. Well said. I’ve been thinking similar thoughts myself. We should all be saying prayers for Rugby and prayers of thank you for the amazing animals we are so very lucky to have in our lives.

  3. I’ve been reading and keeping SolitareMare in my thoughts. So hard for them!

    Life is full of changes and moving forward with them is all good. I want to learn more about Gen! Heck, I started a blog to write about the retraining of my ex racers into dressage. Last year, my dream-come-true horse broke his leg and had to be put down. This year I’m moving, getting married, trying to keep a job that wants me to move to another place other than where my future husband resides, and trying to keep up with a second career in photography! All the while, working my new ex racer into dressage who I found randomly on the east coast (Baltimore) and it turns out he’s named after a gentleman who grew up in the northern Michigan home I now own! At any rate, horse shows had to be taken off the list of things to do in 2010…

    My point is that my blog may be off track from how I originally intended it to be but I still blog because so many of my readers can relate and constantly offer support for whatever I’m going through. I love that!

  4. Just checked out that blog…so sad. Blogging has been hard for me to do as well…I feel I am behind all the time, not enough time in the day. I am thankful for all your Gen stories…keep them coming girl…at your own pace.

  5. I know…so many (me included) feel her pain right now. It’s just sad and awful. You so right, we need to be so thankful for the healthy ones in our lives and not ever take it for granted.

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