Happy Helmet Awareness Day!

Today is National Helmet Awareness Day! This is an event thought of by the riders4helmets campaign. As you all know, I am a helmet wearer, but that doesn’t mean today is nothing for me. Why? Because in honor of National Helmet Awareness Day Troxel, Charles Owen, GPA and Devon-Aire are all offering discounts on their helmets! I don’t need a new helmet at the moment, but if I did today would be the day to buy! As you all know, making sure your that your helmet fits property and that it is under 5 years old can save your life! If you need a new helmet, but have not had the money to go get one I think today is the day to splurge!

is a list of places that are celebrating National Helmet Awareness Day and giving discounts!

No able to get to the store? It looks like Dover is offering the discount on catalog and online orders as well. You can still save the 15% without leaving your house!

Take today to wear your helmet with pride and make sure to spread the word about helmet discounts!