It is 102 degrees outside!

So as I mentioned before, summer is NOT Gennyral’s time to shine. That being said I think that everyone would agree my spoiled horse is not having too bad a time of it. I go up twice a day to hose him off, I am looking in to buying him his very own mister, he is on night turnout so he doesn’t have to worry about the sun, he has a fan in his stall, he has a window in his stall, and the barn was done with an open layout including high ceilings, bars on top instead of a solid wall to the stalls, and windows in the top of the barn as well for maximum air circulation.  Even though my precious pony can still get sweaty, I don’t think he is doing that bad for it being triple digits with high humidity.

The point of this post is because maybe, and I know it is a small chance, but maybe I am a little too neurotic about the heat when it comes to horses. I know my blogging buddies from down south are dealing with 115 and 100% humidity and here I am all worried about my boy in 102. I mean, just the thought of this heat streak sent me looking for farms in Canada :P. Anyway the reason I brought this up is because I noticed that a LOT of people have their horses OUTSIDE with no access to SHADE!

Am I just totally jaded because my horse is a total prince? Or as he thinks “The King”…

I would NEVER leave a horse outside all day with shelter in weather like this! I understand horses who live outside staying outside, but at least horses who live outside have run in sheds in my area. The horses I am seeing at a variety of barns have NOTHING! And it is making me angry.

Having water outside is not enough in 102 degrees. At least it is not enough to me. Especially because I bet the water is hot at this point.

So am I being a snotty horse owner? Do you think it is okay to have horses outside all day in hot and humid temps with no shade or shelter? Are my expectations too high? I know I have a friend who always yells at me that horses are wild animals and don’t need the white glove treatment. I can’t help myself though! My pony deserves royal treatment and I don’t feel like not being out in the heat of the day is anything special…just normal. Am I wrong?