“What am I? Chopped Liver?”

So it has now been 30 days since I have seen Phoenix. It has been a rough transition. The worst part? I keep slipping up and saying “I don’t have a horse anymore”. Gennyral is NOT happy about my Freudian slips! In fact, he is down right pissed about it. In order to counter act my carelessness he has been extra cute and extra lovey as of late. Yesterday, the heat FINALLY broke! It was 80 degrees with no humidity and even a slight breeze. Gen was in heaven! He  was a total love! It was so peaceful and so wonderful I swear I will remember that moment of just hanging with my lovely horse forever! So see…it is not that I don’t love my Gennyral to bits and peaces. It is just that I lost a big part of horsey hobby and…well…it feels weird.

I am going on several vacations this summer. I NEVER go on several vacations during the summer because I am always planning around horse shows, etc. It is just weird, in a good way,  so be so free. The Young Rider wants to go up to Saratoga, NY to look for barns and it is liberating to just be able to do it. I am even going to Florida for almost a week to go to Harry Potter World! These are things I would not be able to do if I was still riding at the level I was riding at. Not only for time and a show schedule, but for money reasons as well.

I have let horses consume so much of my time and money in the past three years that as odd as it sounds I don’t know how to be a normal person anymore! I don’t know what to do with my weekends now that they are not filled with shows. I am having a hard time sitting down to focus and write in my blog. It was so easy to dedicate 30 minutes a day to writing when you spend hours with horses. When you are only at the barn for 45 minutes to an hour it just seems weird to go home and sit down and write about  horses for the same amount of time.

I would without a doubt say that I am going through a time of transition right now. I am trying to figure out what I really want. I have been going to my trainers barn and taking lessons on her school master once a week and that has been very cool. It has also been challenging in a good way and really pushing me to be a better rider. I have also thought about switching to saddle seat, but the only barn in my area was rude to me on the phone so do I really want to be giving them money. Or jumping. I would love to learn how to jump. Like really learn, not just point the horse at the fence and hope they go over it.

I ALWAYS land on my feet. I know I will find my way some time soon. For now I am just enjoying being lost in the horse world and getting a better sense of balance in my life. I needed that! I really am just a one horse kind of girl. And I couldn’t ask for a better horse than Gennyral. He is anxious to get back to work, but I am still wavering on that. For now I am just glad that I walked away from a bad situation. I am smiling at that statement because I know that I did the right thing and that is why I am okay with having no direction right now. Everything happens for a reason and so at some point I will be back in the horse world and it will be better than ever. For now I am content to sit on the side lines and ponder.  I will also try to take some video of my next lesson so you all can see the fancy pants horse I am riding now!

And don’t worry Gennyral…I will make sure to give you lots of attention on the blog and off, because I DO still have a horse.  And a pretty great one at that.