Wanted: Personal Assistant…

I am going to talk to the barn owner about getting my boy a mister. That seems to be the thing that most people thought would help. The only other thing I can think of was Laura’s idea. Clearly if I want Gen to be happy in the summer time heat he needs more than I can give him. I think it is about time that I hired my handsome pony his very own personal assistant!

Gen and I look so young! This pick is from 2007

Gennyral’s Requirements of a Personal Assistant:

  • Must be willing to scratch his cute butt whenever and for however long he needs.
  • Must always have brown pears and carrots on hand in case he gets hungry.
  • Dislike of grooming or giving baths so he can get and stay as dirty as his heart desires.
  • Must love to cuddle and give kisses.
  • Strong preference for bilingual candidate so he can get told in both English and Spanish how handsome and perfect he is.
  • Must be willing to stand at fence line so he can still eat after the Appy breaks the fence to his field instead of standing there defending his turf all on his own.
  • Love of the water so you can take him in streams or hose him off every 2 hours so he does not get hot.
  • Must be willing to stand outside with giant umbrella, fan, and fly shooer all hours to make sure he is shaded, cool, and bug free.
  • Strong camera skills a must so you can take pictures of him all day and night making sure to catch him at this most handsome and most dirty.
  • Ability to keep a level head in all situations, especially for when Gen randomly throws temper tantrums for no reason at all.
  • Good working knowledge of horse first aid since Gen thinks scars are cool.
  • And last but not least…A good sense of humor because sometimes all you can do it laugh!

Payment: Gen and I talked it over and the best payment you can get it the love of one very sweet and possibly spoiled Thoroughbred. Who needs money when you can have Gennyral kisses right?

5 thoughts on “Wanted: Personal Assistant…

  1. LOL! Glad you liked my idea! 😉

    I would apply, but my first aid knowledge isn’t up to Gen’s standard! I’m bilingual, but in French, not Spanish…would that work instead? I did take some Spanish in high school though…

  2. Hey, before your HORSE gets a personal assistant, send one my way. Someone who will water my grass every day, do my laundry and dishes, pick up things that I drop, straighten up my messes, do my work (at least some of it), and cook dinner! At least cook dinner.

    On another note…maybe the fan is not in the right spot in his stall. Maybe it’s just pushing hot air around instead of bringing in a breeze. Of course, it’s been so hot that none of the air is cool. I don’t know why, but PJ’s stall has been relatively cool and he doesn’t have a fan. How about painting the roof white so it refects heat (and then of course, you will need to paint in black in the winter).

  3. While my first-aid is pretty solid, I’m unfortunately not bilingual. Sorry Gen! And Ace had to put his hoof down on this one anyway. He said he needs all of my spare attention as it is.

    Love the list, OTB!

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