Gen is just not a hot weather horse!

There is an excessive heat advisory until 8pm tonight in my area. It has been hot for about a week here. Like over 90 with 100% humidity hot. I briefly thought about moving down south earlier this year, and then we had a really hot day and I decided against it! It is the humidity that kills you. Not being able to breath or cool off. My parents live in Arizona and even at 114 there I don’t feel like death is eminent, but where I live I start to get hot at about 80 degrees! Gen is the same way. Yesterday I went at 10am and 5pm to hose him off. The barn owner is VERY sick right now and has other people covering for her and I was unhappily surprised to find my baby still out at 10am. I, of course, brought my little monster in.

My poor Gen was COVERED in sweat from under his boots all the way to his ears and back to his tail. In all honesty though Gen is a bit of a baby…only one other horse in the barn was even sweating and they were not even close to Gen’s level. What can I say, my horse was meant to be in Alaska.

The worst part is the boots. Because Gen has to wear the boots for turnout when he gets sweaty his legs get so gross under the boots.  His Pegasus Airboots have been FANTASTIC in keeping his leg relatively cool this year. This was the first year where he did not get fungus back in May. I am really hoping we can go the whole year without fungus! Fingers crossed. I am a little worried that one 10am day may have done us in though.

Gen spends all day in his stall napping in front of his fan. He angles himself so that it blows on his chest most of the day. I have a feeling I am going to be going up twice today to give him two showers again.

I literally have to build my day around my hot sweaty pony to give him max cooling time. Anyone have any tips on keeping a horse cool in the summer months? Gen does have access to shade when he is out, he is on night turnout, he has a fan in his stall and a big window in his stall that stays open. He of course has access to water 24 hours and his loving mother goes everyday in the afternoon to hose him off. And yet my precious pony is still melting before my eyes. The heat and humidity are supposed to break tonight and it is supposed to be 80s with low humidity for a least a few days, but it will get hot again so anything you can think of to help keep my boy cool and fungus free is worth a try!

9 thoughts on “Gen is just not a hot weather horse!

  1. Could you maybe make him a horsey popsicle with apple juice, veggies, fruit, mints etc? I’m sure he’d love that as a treat in his stable!

  2. Aww, poor Gen! I hope you have no fungus…

    You are one devoted Mama… 🙂 Short of hiring a personal assistant to fan him and mist him with cool water all day, I think you are doing your best!

    It is humid here all the time too – it kinda sucks.

  3. I feel his pain! I don’t know how practical this is for your situation, but can you fill a cooler or bucket with ice and place it between Gen and the fan.
    When I was a kid before AC (OK, the “olden days”), in the dog-days of summer, we used damp sheets for makeshift “tents” to sleep under with the fan blowing directly on the sheet. Sometimes we just laid the sheet directly on our bodies. It did the trick long enough to allow us to fall asleep.
    You’re such a good mom. Good luck! Hopefully this heat will break soon.

  4. Is there a way to set up a mister as well as a fan? I know it’s not great for the fungus issue, but when I can’t get to AC, I mist myself with a little sprayer bottle and try to find a fan. If he’s sweating, maybe the mist can take over for the sweat a bit (with no salt/electrolyte loss that way, and reduced water loss). If it’s on his back, maybe it won’t reach his legs and contribute to any fungus.

  5. All great ideas!
    I was going to suggest something else…sprinkle Gold Bond Medicated powder on his legs or on boots to aid against fungus. It’s what my trimmer said to sprinkle in Laz’s easy boots to help against building thrush when he had to wear them 24/7. 🙂
    I think a little will go a long way and of course, test him out before putting it on boot on day long in case Gen has an adverse reaction to it.

    For cooling wash-I’ve heard rinse and sweat scrape and rinse and sweat scrape…repeat, repeat to get all the salty, sweaty and scrape him dry. With the humidity, leaving him wet will actually make him more hot.

  6. My trainer has a fan with built in mister at the barn. But we’re in AZ, so it may work better for us than it would in humidity!

    Do you use Head and Shoulders on the fungus? I always used prescription shampoo in the past, and it never worked well to get rid of it. When my new horse started getting fungus, someone told me H&S gets rid of it – and lo and behold, it worked FAR better than any of the prescription stuff I ever used!

  7. Re Fungus: 50/50 nasty tasting original Listerine or Generic and Baby Oil. Mix in spray bottle and apply liberally. Will make all scruff up, brush off, usually only needs one treatments, but when my gelding’s legs are especially bad, may do another dose two days later. Works extremely well, and generally long-lasting.

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