The Memorial Day Horse Show Saturday – Part 1

*Can I just say that it is weird to write up this show? I have not seen Phoenix since I walked away several weeks ago. I hear he is happy and doing well. It was hard to bring myself back to that show to write this up…*

So I had done all my prep for the show the day before except getting my trailer. And knowing my poop loving Phoenix I figured that a bath was going to be in order also. I had heard that it was going to be a nice weekend, maybe a little on the hot side of things. Imagine my surprised when I wake up and it is raining out. Rain? I had not heard anything about rain! Luckily my truck was packed so I didn’t really have to brave the weather until it was time to hook my trailer up. With a little help from the Barn Owner at Gen’s place (she was on her way to feed and stopped to help) I was at Phoenix’s in no time.

I would not have any help getting ready for this show. My trainer was going to meet me down there to warm me up, but I couldn’t find anyone to come along with me to play groom. I knew going into this that I had to put my big girl breeches on for this show. I cleaned Phoenix up yet again, braided his forelock and it was time to load him. I have loaded him myself before, but normally there are people around to help me if there is a problem. No one was around this time though so I just took a deep breath and marched on. Phoenix, being the perfect pony that he is, followed me right up. I quickly closed him in and hit the road.

During my drive down I was actually very calm. I was not even rocking out to music (my normal pre-show routine) but instead listening to a nature show on NPR about the oil spill. It was almost like I was going out for a Sunday drive instead of to a big deal show. I had no problems until I got to the show. As I pulled in the driveway I noticed that a some people had parked really far away from the rings. I didn’t think a lot of it figuring there were there to ride the X-country course and kept driving down. And that is when I realized that all the people who has stabled at the horse park had decided to park their trailers close to the indoor in the first row! Normally people who are staying overnight and who unhook usually either park behind the barn or they go in the second row back leaving enough space for commuters like me to not have to hike so far to the rings.

I turned around and parked in the middle of the Sahara (or so it felt) and went to check in. The show manager was happy to see me and excited to see Phoenix. I didn’t know how to tell her that this would be our last show so I just sort of skirted around the issue. I am happy to report that I had a perfect entry (no money or paperwork due). When I got back to the trailer I could already tell that my Phoenix was wound up and wound up tight. His eyes were bugging out of his head and he kept going up to the chest bar and back to the butt bar in the trailer. I was alone and had a long time before I needed to tack up. I knew that I would not be able to have breakfast if I took him off (I made blueberry muffins), but I also knew that leaving him on was just going to get him even more worked up. At that moment I was really wishing I had some help.

To Be Continued…

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