Tick Bite – Day 3

I must say that as much of a pain it was to wake up at 4:30, it was really nice seeing Gen in the morning!

So Tuesday morning this is what I saw that prompted me to call the vet. Look at that!!

This is the icky area yesterday after work. As you can see the swelling went way down. The area is gross because it is covered in Animax and Gen rolled in the dirt creating an icky dirt paste!

"Ummm...why do you have that camera out Mom? I am really dirty. You don't take pictures of me when I am gross because those are not cute"

"MOM. Why would you take a picture of me looking icky. Really Mom, really?"

To take care of it I scrub the whole area down with Betadine.

Here it is all clean 24 hours after the steriod and hystamine shots.

So he is without a doubt getting better! Today is the first day I have not gone to the barn before work. Hopefully when I go this afternoon it is all gone! Oh Gennyral!


3 thoughts on “Tick Bite – Day 3

  1. I was at the feed store yesterday and the owner (who also happens own the barn where we board) was telling me a few of the horses have bumps that look like hives so I told her about Gen. It’s only been in one pasture that any of the horses have been affected and they are all TB’s. More likely they are having a thin-skin reaction to mosquito bites (bad this year!) but now she’s planning a tick patrol for this weekend!

    Glad Gen is getting better so fast – doesn’t seem like it ever did bother him much which is good. Darn horses!

  2. LOL, I just laughed out loud at what “Terry” wrote..a delicate tropical flower, lol!
    Im so glad that you called the vet….can you imagine that tick STILL being imbedded?? Poor Gen
    If only they could talk….we could save so much money and headache. 😉

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