YAY! The WEGs Will Be Anky Free!!!!

Source: Dressage Daily

Anky Van Grunsven and Salinero

Dutch triple Olympic gold medallist Anky van Grunsven has announced the shocking news that she has withdrawn herself for Dutch WEG team participationg. She will not try for the Dutch team neither with her double gold medal winning horse Salinero, nor with her second Grand Prix horse Painted Black. The most successful Grand Prix rider of the 2000s has herself ended an era. Anky’s 16-year old Hanoverian gelding Salinero (by Salieri x Lungau) has been injured for two months after bruising his withers in his stall. The healing process is taking much longer than expected and will take at least one more month. This means that Anky will only be able to start training Salinero at the end of June, begin July.

“The horse will need to be fully trained again to participate in top competitions, which takes at least a whole month, after three months of total inactivity,” Van Grunsven reported. “In order not the force the issue and to give Salinero full recovery time, I had to make this disappointing decision.”

The 42-year old Van Grunsven also decided not to try her second mount, the KWPN stallion Painted Black (by Gribaldi x Ferro) for Dutch team selection. “Because of up-and-down performances of the stallion the last few months as well as a small injury, Anky estimates her chance to finish in the top five as very small. This is her minimum personal goal considering her successes in the past,” her press officer wrote.

“It is Anky’s opinion to give other combinations the opportunity to compete at the World Equestrian Games and furthermore, she doesn’t think that Holland’s chances for team gold are reduced by her withdrawal. Other Dutch combinations have enough potential to be high quality additions for the team performance.”

Source: ANKY


6 thoughts on “YAY! The WEGs Will Be Anky Free!!!!

  1. Is anyone going to the WEG? I’m going 10/9-10 for vaulting and combined driving since I’ve never had a chance to see those sports at this level before.

  2. Well, she knows without her beloved rollkur allowed in warm up, she can’t make top 5. 😛 Good riddance, I say!!!!

    I will be at WEG from Oct. 3-6 to participate in the Standardbred demo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I will be at WEG for eventing!
    ANd I had no idea ppl were so anti-Anky. Is it because of her practicing rollkur? I need filled in please!

  4. Me too — I’ve been made aware of the rollkur contraversy but I had no idea you dressage fans were so anti-Anky. She sounds a bit spoiled to me, in my humble hunter princess opinion. Not worth competing if you can’t win? Interesting approach….

    I will also be at the WEG’s for the show jumping week in October. Can’t wait!

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