Why are there ads on my blog?

Tech question…I was just checking my blog without signing in and saw that…THERE ARE ADS ON MY SITE!!!!!!!!

Does anyone out there know how to get them off? I do not have a google ad sense account so I know I didn’t sign up for it. I don’t want ads on my sight, but if I am going to have them I think I should at least be the one benefiting from it right?


12 thoughts on “Why are there ads on my blog?

  1. I don’t see ads on your post page, but when I click thru to the comments, there’s an ad stuck between your post & the comment section. Don’t know what to tell you; maybe you can go to your google account and see what’s up? Maybe you accidentally accepted a trial offer- I just saw one in my inbox last week & deleted.

  2. I don’t see ads either. But if they are there, wordpress.com put them there like eclispefarm said. I do know that wordpress.com doesn’t allow YOU to put ads on your site, so it would have to be something they did.

  3. hope this helps:

    At WordPress.com, we sometimes display advertisements on your blog to help pay the bills. This keeps free features free!

    We only run them in limited places, and we do not show ads to logged-in readers, which means only a very small percentage of your page views will actually contain ads.

    To eliminate ads on your blog entirely, you can purchase the No-Ads Upgrade. The upgrade is especially attractive and useful to business blogs in order to eliminate any possibility of competitors’ ads displaying on their domains.

    The No-Ads Upgrade costs $30.00 per blog, per year.

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