The No Go Horse Show – Part 1

The No Go Horse Show

So because my blogging has been sporadic as of late I am FINALLY getting around to writing up my little hunter show experiment from the day after the clinic (it has been 9 days already!). Why did I decide to do a show the day after a clinic? Well, there were a couple of reasons. One, I was starting to feel indoor phobic again with Phoenix. Knowing that there was a good chance that I might show in the indoor at Memorial Day I knew that was an issue I had to address. The second reason was because I was worried about showing two days in a row at Memorial Day. I figured that I could prove to myself that I would be okay if I did a clinic and a show in the same weekend. The third reason why I went to the show and didn’t just go somewhere to school in an indoor was because it is me…I love my ribbons and I had already given my notice so I figured that I should just give a hunter show the old college try. Sounds like fun right?

Well, the night after the clinic I was thinking not so much. I was sunburned and exhausted Saturday night. I thought about bailing on the show, but the Young Rider was having none of it. She even offered to braid Phoenix herself because she knew it would be a good thing for me to go to. After promising she would come and groom for me and make me laugh I tried to get a good night’s rest. All too soon my alarm went off. My body was aching, especially my core and shoulders, from actually riding correctly the day before. It took a lot of will power and some homemade blueberry muffins to get me out the door. As soon as I rolled down the window and smelled the sweet spring air my bad mood lifted and I was excited.

I knew that the only chance I would place at the show was if there were under 6 people in my class. For once, ribbons seemed secondary. I was going to have a fun day. It was beautiful out, I was going on an adventure, the Young Rider was going with me, and coolest of all was the fact that one of my readers boarded at the barn where the show was so I was FINALLY going to get to meet her! When I opened the top door to Phoenix’s stall I could tell right away he was going to be a little bit harder to convince. He had been a little tense all weekend and as soon as he saw the water going for yet another bath he gave me a look that told me he had HAD IT.

I knew that if I was tired and sore, he must be too. I promised him that I wouldn’t ask much of him, he just had to go and be a good boy in the indoor. After his third bath in as many days I can say that he was glowing white. The Young Rider, true to her word, came by and braided him all up and was so fast that for once all season I WAS EARLY! Phoenix had some trouble with the trailer. He was a little thrown off by getting on to the right the day before and add to that someone mowing with a tractor right next to him and it was not a good start. He actually flew off the trailer backwards (for the first time ever) and did so dramatically enough that he cut a huge chunk out of his boots (better his boots then his leg).

I was starting to have second thoughts…Confidence booster? Maybe I was out to ruin our confidence instead. I really started to second guess myself as we put the butt bar up and he started to panic rocking the trailer backwards and forwards. Not wanting to let him pick up on any of my nerves I quickly snapped him in and got into the truck. The Young Rider took one look at my face that was filled with panic and told me to calm down. The reason Phoenix is okay at new places is because I am okay at them. I had a 25 minute ride to remind myself that yes, it was okay!

By the time we showed up my confidence was fully restored. I have driven past this barn many times, but never actually turned in the driveway before. As with all new places you go slow and look around for a place to park. I saw a relatively narrow opening that said show parking, so I slowly pulled in. It was a field, but not a very big one and it was already packed with cars. My first thought was, “damn, there goes my hope of small classes” and my second was, “We better check in and see what class they are on”. As I asked around to see where the registration table was I was met with odd news. People seemed unsure if the show was going to happen.

This was extra odd because I showed up at 11:30 and the show was supposed to start at 9am. I saw people all around in show clothes so I hoped that it would happen. When I got to the table though I was greeted with not so good news. I was told that the show was indeed canceled because the judge had never shown up. One look at the show organizers face told me that I had to take this fact with grace because the poor woman looked at her wits end. She apologized profusely and told me to feel free to come in the indoor and school at no charge. She felt terrible that I had come all the way out for nothing.

To Be Continued…

One thought on “The No Go Horse Show – Part 1

  1. Ummmm … what kind of judge just doesn’t show up? Doesn’t call, anything? That’s way out of line, and I haven’t ever seen it happen before. The only time anything ever came close, a judge had a family emergency, called, and got a substitute for the show. *shakes head*

    Did you get your money back? I hate that you couldn’t come home with any ribbons, but at the same time, good for schooling Phoenix in the indoor!!

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