I don’t know how you hunters do it…

I had a BLAST at the fun show today but I am exhausted!!! I waited for HOURS for my classes! I am such a spoiled DQ. Very glad I went! Big confidence booster for next weekend. And ironically enough I did have a trailing issue, but it was not Phoenix related. I got stuck! Full story and details to come. I still can’t believe that it took me 6 hours at a show just to do 4 classes!


5 thoughts on “I don’t know how you hunters do it…

  1. I totally don’t know how they do it….I only did two hunter shows when I was first learning to ride {I always knew I would do dressage!} but hurrying up and then waiting, waiting and waiting some more for those classes really blew…..I’m DQ too…hell, we get mad if the judge doesn’t ring the bell after we’ve been going around the perimeter twice!!! {Big Grin}

  2. Welcome to our world! At our open shows my daughter does 5 classes: showmanship, hunter under saddle, eng eq, WP, Horsemanship, and trail. We get there by 7 and have never left before 3 and it’s usually closer to 5 or 6. At our bigger breed shows we can start at 8 and not finish until midnight or later!!

  3. Hehehehe … for me, it’s even a little worse! Three DAYS to ride in one class! Granted, it’s three phases of the same class, but still. I look at my ribbons and think “good grief, you’d think I hadn’t done anything at all! A hunter/jumper rider would get this many in a day, and it’s taken me a year and a half!”

    And granted, so far we’ve only competed in one-day Event Derbies, but that’s okay … we’ll get to the recognized events someday.

    How did you do at the show?

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