Yes, I really am that shallow…

Yesterday they put up the preliminary times for Memorial day. I was so nervous to open them up. Class sizes at this show tend to be HUGE. You all know that I love my ribbons, so I was worried that I just spent $255 on a show to come home empty-handed (Ammys and Pros are pinned together). Well, I am happy to report that while two of classes are bigger, one on each day is under 6! Yay!! That means that as long as Phoenix and I do the test we are coming home with something. I am so happy right now! The show is under 2 weeks away. It will be my last show and last ride on Phoenix. I am so happy I get to come home with a ribbon each day. YAY!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Yes, I really am that shallow…

  1. I always say as long as you best yourself, ribbons arent needed. You can go buy ribbons. Its more about the partnership with the horse and bettering yourselves than getting a ribbon…but thats just me.

  2. I once rode in a show that promised ribbons to 6th place. With 6 people in the class I was stoked that I was going to get a ribbon, but no, they only pinned to third. Like you, I really wanted a ribbon to hang on my wall!!!

  3. Hehehehe. I was thrilled at this last weekend’s show to see that there were only 5 people in my class, so no matter how I did, I was coming home with a ribbon. 😀 I understand completely!!

    (I don’t know if you follow my Facebook or not, but the ribbon I came home with — from our first jumping show — was RED! Squee! The blue went to a professional on a green horse, so I wasn’t too crushed by getting second. I scored a 62 on my test, which is *definitely* not as well as we can do, but it was enough to beat all the other ammies!)

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