The Windy Horse Show – Part 3

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So below is a video of my training 3 test. As you can see, it did not start off as a wonderful test. To start off with a canter on your center ling in a training level test…that is just never a good thing. Right in front of the judge too! I remember sitting there thinking “Seriously Phoenix, now is when you get the correct lead?!?!?!” Riding the test I thought that my geometry was very accurate, but watching the video I can see…not so much.

I was thrilled when Phoenix got his lead no problem going left. It was in that moment that I finally started to enjoy myself. I wanted Phoenix to be perfect. Clearly, Phoenix did not know how to be perfect. We got our lead and that was good enough. If nothing else went right in the test, at least we FINALLY got a canter lead! As you can see things started to look up from there. I had a decent transition and got a nice trot after that. And look at my free walk. Not a lot of stretching, but look at that floppy eared relaxation! Our transition back to canter was ugly but…we got the right lead again!!! YAY!!!!! Who knew I would be so happy to get canter leads!?!?!

Our stretch in our stretch circle was nonexistent, which sucks because that is the kind thing that is a coefficient (counts for double) and that we can totally get an 8 on that movement. All well. By the time I went up the center line for my second salute I was comfortable with the job we did on the test. Yes, there was ugly moments, but there were nice moments also. I knew we hadn’t broken a 60%, but overall it was a solid training level test, and that was all I could ask for. I left the ring feeling satisfied. We had done out best, and that is all I can ask Phoenix and I to do.

As I walked out of the ring I was all smiles. I told everyone that I was fine with the test, we had done our best. I was also a little bummed because I knew we had not broken a 60%. Everyone laughed at me for my lack of geometry and salutes (I would do them before Phoenix was halted) but overall we agreed that was a test that was pretty represntative of where Phoenix and I are right now in our training. When I got back to the trailer for my hour break between classes I trailer tied Phoenix again and noticed that the hay situation was not good. Even though I had packed 8 flakes (half a bale) Phoenix had already scarfed down most of it. As the wind picked up I was mad at myself for not packing more because now Phoenix was going to be bored for an hour instead of eating for an hour.

After PJsMom left and PO went to the ring to chat with some friends it was just my Mom and I hanging out with Phoenix. With the wind whiping around and the sun trying to come out it was just a very relaxing moment. During my hour I just enjoying being at the horse show. I had planned ahead and packed myself a healthy pasta salad filled with good things like chicken and veggies that I had for lunch. I have terrible eating habits, so it was a running joke that the only healthy meal I was planning on eating all week was at a horse show. After relaxing for a while it was time to retack Phoenix up. I was worried abotu putting the saddle on after last time, but clearly he was getting tired because I was able to do it while he was trailer tied without an issue.

Just as I was finishing getting ready to get back on PO came back down with my test and a 4th place ribbon. Considering there were only 5 in the class I saw her coming and was bummed I had done so poorly. When she got there my mood perked up a bit though…I had gotten…a 63.2%!!!!! I was thrilled with that score! I felt a lot better after seeing that. My test was all 6s and 7s. I really, really wanted to break a 60% at training 4 and knowing I could do it at training 3 was a big confidence booster. It was 1:00 at this point and I was all ready to get back on. PO told me I was jumping the gun though so Phoenix and I hung out for a few more minutes before heading up to the warm up. I really wanted to break a 60% on the next test.

To Be Continued…