The Windy Horse Show – Part 2

Part 1

So the thing about dressage times is that even if the show is running early, you always have the option to stick to your original time. The only problem with that is it can make the judge a little annoyed when they are sitting there for 10 minutes with NOTHING to do. PjsMom saw me panic and did a good job of refocusing me. I went to the top warm up ring and did another few canter transitions and headed in about 5 minutes ahead of my scheduled time. I have not done a dressage eq class in about 5 years, and clearly things have changed since I last did it! When I last did it, it was treated like a hunter eq class. I am not sure if it was different this time because I was alone or what, but instead of just going around, the judge would call movements out to me and I would have to do them.

As someone who already has issues planning for transitions and movements in tests, this was not good for me. Phoenix was also feeling a little up so if you see him being a little looky, there was a very scary banner in the ring. Luckily, my Dad video taped the class so here it is if you want to watch it.

What I notice with the video, which I did not feel while I was riding it was that I have a total chair seat! Yikes! I thought the eq class went pretty horrible. When the judge asked me for a sitting trot, well, let us just say that many expletives went swirling through my head. As you can see in the video, it was not so good. I have a really hard time riding Phoenix’s gaits. That is why I laugh when people say he is perfect for me. I know he is not perfect for me. Gennyral’s gaits are perfect for me. When I rode him I would just melt into him. He was so comfy! Phoenix and I just don’t have matching movements, which can make things like sitting the trot a little tricky. And it us not like I am a great rider who can just sit to anything.

By the time he got the wrong lead at the canter (TWICE) I was already done with my little equitation experiment! I would happily have left the ring at that time if the judge would have let me. Knowing I had to earn my blue (obviously, no one else was in the class) I sucked it up and just tried not to further make a fool of myself . When he trantered during our trot up the long side I had just about given up hope for any nice moments. And then he proceeded to pick up the wrong lead in the new direction I had to laugh. This class was a DISASTER! It was so bad I almost didn’t even youtube the video.

Luckily, I still have a sense of humor so I figured I could put up my demo of how NOT to ride in a dressage seat equitation class! By the time she yelled out for me to sitting trot up the center I was feeling bad for my poor pony because my big butt was bouncing around all over his back! It felt like the longest class EVER. And seeing the video time marked at almost 6 minutes…it really was the longest test ever! I was happy to have gotten it over with and walked out of the ring already knowing I did not come anywhere near my 65% goal. By that time PO had shown up and I had 3 riders in front of me before I had to do my training level test 3.

I left the ring with the resolve. I could and would do better next time I entered at A. Phoenix and I went back to the warm up, walked a lap and went back to work. We HAD to do better then that in a real test. PO’s big gripe with Phoenix and I is ALWAYS “MORE TROT”. I have nightmares of her screaming “MORE TROT” and clicking at us with her tongue. Phoenix was not being submissive and POs yelling was not helping. I was starting to have a melt down. All I wanted was for Phoenix to listen to me and relax his jaw. All PO wanted was for me to go FORWARD so Phoenix would have the momentum to go into the bridle. All Phoenix wanted was to be safely back at the trailer. I could feel my emotions starting to overtake me as they called for my time.

I walked up to the show ring trying not to be angry. This was supposed to be fun right? When Phoenix spooked at the damn banner again while I was warming up outside the ring, well, I didn’t hold a lot of hope for a nice test.

To Be Continued…