The Windy Horse Show – Part 1

So I woke up on Saturday morning long before my alarm was supposed to go off. It was good because I could do things like pack my truck and eat breakfast at a leisurely pace. I was running so early that I decided I would just go to the barn ahead of schedule because I was going NUTS sitting at home. I went to get my trailer and the barn owners were both teasing me that I had actually giving myself enough time on show day for once. I laughed right along with them, gave Gen a kiss and changed his boots (he is getting such rubs!) and headed to the barn to wait for my Farrier to come and do Phoenix’s trim.

Normally I would not recommend messing with a horses feet on show day, but Phoenix took out a big chunk of one of his hind feet so it really needed to be done. I had a little time to kill so I took off Phoenix’s sleezy (man I love that thing…how did I show last year without it?!?) and re-did some braids. I could hear the rumblings of thunder as I set about getting Phoenix show ring ready. I was still running early so I even had time to give Phoenix a second bath. My poor tired Phoenix sleeps lying down every night. Since his stall is so small that means he ends up lying down in poop every night. I was just drying Phoenix off when my Farrier showed up for the trim. I tossed in Phoenix’s forelock braid while he was getting set up so we would be ready to go whenever he was done.

A view of the storm as it was coming in...

Luckily, the part that broke off Phoenix’s foot making it look so dramatic was just a flair, so what I thought was going to be along trimming only took about 20 minutes. We were again running ahead of schedule by about half an hour! It was a good thing too because those rumblings of thunder had gotten closer and closer and those lightning strikes were getting kind of close. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Should I wait the storm out or just load Phoenix up early. After going back and forth my Farrier told me to just load him up because you never know how long a storm will last. And load him up I did. My Farrier hung around just in case I needed help, but my little trailering pro marched right on like it was nothing.

As you can see from the picture, the storm was coming, but not yet on top of us as I ran around loading up my gear.

We hit the road and passed both PJsMom and PO (who was coming home from the same show with her young horse) on the way there. I got there so early I literally had an hour to kill before I could start getting ready! I watch the show for a little bit and noticed that people didn’t seem to care about this show at all. I was literally the ONLY PERSON who braided! Worse still some people (with grey or pinto horses) had not even bothered to give their horses a bath! I think my jaw physically dropped when I saw someone go into the ring with a black hoodie on! They showed in a sweatshirt! It was in that moment I realized that my days of showing at the local show ground were numbered. I care a lot about showing. It is horrible to be around people who clearly do not!

I took my time getting all my gear out of the trailer before I got Phoenix out. I decided that this show would be as good chance as any to teach Phoenix how to trailer tie. PJsMom would be there soon if I needed help, so I figured I had nothing to lose so why not? I unloaded him by myself (much to the admiration of the people parked in the trailer behind me and tied Phoenix with an emergency knot to the side of my trailer. It took him a few minutes to get that he was attached to the side (he kept trying to follow me and not being able to to) but once he figured it out he was fine.

Here he is hanging out ready to be tacked up.

My only issue with him came when it was time to tack up. My cold backed pulled back hard as I brought the saddle pad over to him. I quickly released the emergency knot. I am glad I did because when I tried to put the saddle on him (while holding him) he literally ran backwards and the saddles pads and girth came off him with a heap. I felt VERY alone as I was figuring out how to tack him up. I tried my ground tie command and it worked enough that I could at least get the saddle on. I was starting to freak out about getting it on correctly when PJsMom showed back up and helped me out. Talk about a life saver. Phoenix and I are so close to being able to show on our own, but we are just not there yet. I have a fix a test thing on the 20th I am hoping to give it another go at.

Anyway, with help from PjsMom I was ready in no time. I was walking to the ring when my parents showed up. I just think it is the coolest thing that they come and watch my shows! I did not even have time to warm up before they called me into the ring for my eq class! The show was running 10 min early!!!!!

To Be Continued…

5 thoughts on “The Windy Horse Show – Part 1

  1. Are you serious this is your first year of using a sleazy? OMG we couldn’t live without one!! They buy you so much time since you can always braid or band the night before and not have to worry about them rolling and filling their mane with shavings or pulling half them out. We use a sleazy hood and one of the body – helps keep the poop stains off them….but aren’t real warm.

    Now hurry this story along please!

  2. Glad you made it ahead of schedule this time! That is a big victory! 🙂

    Nice that your parents come out to watch – nice to have a a cheering section!

  3. I love the photo of Phoenix hanging out by the trailer. He looks so calm & relaxed….like he’s shown forever! You should be proud of all the work you have done with him!

    I don’t blame you for not wanting to show with others who do not want to take the time to clean up. When I was younger and worked more with show horses, I was taught that it is disrespectful to the judge to not present you and your horse cleaned up and looking proper. Hopefully your hard work in getting Phoenix properly turned out gave you extra brownie points with the judge 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about dressing up! I couldn’t imagine going to a show without dressing up. It’s just part of the routine! My trainer would be so mad if we didn’t put so much work into being polished and ready to show.

    I agree about that picture of Phoenix, he looks amazing!

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