Goals For My Show Today…

So I know my blog has turned into a total show diary. Sorry! Poor Gennyral is feeling like he is not getting anywhere near enough attention on the blog these days. I know that I have lost some readers over it as well. My long time readers know that my show plans this year are NUTS and totally unlike me! I tend to show maybe 5-7 times a year, but this year I am stepping up my game…a lot! I want to be one of those people who can just grab her horse and go anywhere and do anything. I am also trying to get all my year end award requirements in early this year which is why my show schedule is so front loaded! As crazy as I think my show schedule is, I am really proud of myself for doing. I know I am getting more relaxed about showing, and that is a good thing.

I have a schooling show at the Local Show Grounds today. After doing so well at my USDF show last weekend, and doing so poorly at the show the week before that, I have giving the show today a lot of thought. I could feel myself starting to put a lot of unneeded pressure on this show. I don’t really know why. There was no reason. In order to organize my thoughts, and hopefully take away some of my nerves about the show, I decided to make a list of goals!

1) Break a 65% in the dressage seat equitation class (doable, but it is not going to be easy).

2) Stop freaking out about training 4 (I am developing a total mental block about that test for NO REASON).

3) Break a 58% in training 4 (then it will be a usable score for the local show grounds bronze medal).

4) Try to teach Phoenix how to trailer tie (I bought a hay net and everything, but it is all going to depend on the weather)

5) Remember my tests (stupid walk movements are killing me for some reason).

6) Be smart about time (DUH. It will be tricky though because Phoenix is getting his toes trimmed THIS MORNING! Like before the show. My farrier knows what time I have to leave by so we should be okay, but with all my time issues this year…)

7) Be smart about weather (they are predicting sever thunderstorms all morning and into the afternoon. and after that it is supposed to be VERY windy. No need to hurt/kill myself of Phoenix for a ribbon)

Okay, that is all of them that I can think of. I really want to do well today!


6 thoughts on “Goals For My Show Today…

  1. I like reading about whatever you talk about, even if it isn’t horse related. Good luck today! ❤ You inspired me doing the hunter shows last year, and I am going to show Chevy in some Hunter classes at a local schooling show this month. I am freaking out because it's been a long time since he was at a show. I am pretty sure we are going to stick with walk-trot classes. And I am vain enough to admit i am excited that so few people are showing that I am going to get a ribbon no matter what. LOL

  2. I’m still here, after all I *live* vicariously through you with the horses. If I can’t get out to a horse I know you can! I love hearin gabout your adventures with both your horses, so keep on showing!!! 🙂

  3. I love the show posts. I never showed — it’s like a whole ‘nuther universe that I get to enjoy through your posts. Please keep ’em coming. 🙂

  4. Agreed, I like the show posts! I’m not a big commenter, but I do regularly read. Agreed with Big Chicken; I live vicariously through your show posts. I’ve only been to one or two horse shows before, but maybe someday! Someday when I’m not plodding through grad school and have this mysterious thing I’ve heard of, “disposable income”? Right now just HAVING my ponies is a big luxury (although let’s be real, to me it’s more of a necessity than regular groceries).

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