Phoenix’s First USDF Show – Part 2

Part 1

Photo taken on Monday because I did not have the clairty of mind on show day to show you all how flat the tire was...

I was literally just been ready to throw in the towel and scratch. The Young Rider however was not letting me off the hook so easily. She knew I was dying to get to go to this show. She was not about to let a silly thing like a tire get in my way. She told me to call the Barn Owner at Gen’s farm. They have a trailer. They like me. Surely they would let me borrow their trailer.

I was not so convinced, but I had spent $115 on this entry and hours braiding Phoenix so it was worth a try. I called the Barn Owner at 7:30am (which was the time I was supposed to be leaving for the show) to ask for the favor. And guess what? The Barn Owner is WONDERFUL and told me right away to come and switch trailers. I don’t know a lot of people who would just let someone take their horse trailer with no notice. Yet another reason why I am so happy at Gens barn.

The Young Rider and I quickly unpacked the trailer and went for the swap. I think I freaked the Young Rider out a little bit with my lack of a meltdown. I was not freaking out. Just like last weekend when I was running so late all I could feel was determination that I was going to show no matter what. After I hastily parked my trailer, switched hitches and got all hooked up again, we were ready to go back and get Phoenix.

As we pulled in the driveway we made a game plan up to get us out on the road as soon as possible. Even though the switch had been quick, we were still 30 minutes late and now we would be cutting it close to get to the show with enough time. Luckily our plan worked and we were back on the road with all my gear and Phoenix in tow in under 10 minutes. My first class was at 10. The directions and GPS both said the show was an hour and a half away. We pulled out of the driveway at 8. Yikes.

Phoenix had never experienced being on a highway before. The whole drive he was cracking me up because he would look all around him watching cars and trucks go by and then lean on to the side of the trailer. It was like he was riding a ride at Disney world! Poor Phoenix. Luckily the Young Rider had been to this show grounds before so between my driving and her making sure we didn’t get lost we got there in a little over an hour. My first impression of the show grounds was how relaxed it was. I could feel myself calming down and starting to focus about my test as we opened the trailer up. I was worried that my poor Phoenix would be traumatized after such a scary ride. As I opened the front door and saw him stuffing his face with hay I smiled. Phoenix might be a bit up, but he was fine. And knowing Phoenix was fine helped me to be fine.

To Be Continued…

This is my little PSA...anyone out there with a trailer should have one of these great air compressors. It hooks up to your car battery. It made it so that I could make the 5 min drive from Phoenix's Barn to Gen's barn.