My 2010 Kentucky Derby Hat

So as soon as I got an invite to a derby party this year I already had visions of my hat in my head. Last years hat was a bit much, so I promised myself that this year I would really try to class it up.

The first thing I did was head over to Target (see…much classier than Walmart where I got my goodies last year) and look at the hat selection. I fell in love with a 30s style hat that would go perfectly with my dress. The only problem was that it already had a big black ribbon on it and had these ugly feathers sticking out everywhere. So as soon as I got home I took the feathers and some of the ribbon off and laid out all my crafting goodies.

I knew I had to do something to hide where the feathers and bow had once been on the hat, so I decided to go ahead and make my own bow using the black and white ribbon. I think it turned out very nicely.

Then I set about measuring the fake pearls I had found for $2 so that I had a nice boarder around the hat. This is where the first issue set in. I had not planned my bow very well so when it came time to lay the fake pearls out they were not exactly even all the way around. All well. I still thought it looked pretty cool.

As an avid fan of project runway I can tell you where my problems really started to set in. You see, my lack of class is because I do not have “an editing eye”. I put the roses on the front of the hat and kept adding them. I also decided that I would have the horses “run for the roses” since this is a derby hat after all. Instead of doing a classy rose or two, I did 6 and instead of doing one horse, I did 4. What can I say. I am just not a classy girl!

I cannot wait to put this hat on and enjoy myself at the derby party today! Next year I will have a class hat. This year it is all about fun! I have a long day filled with show prep ahead of me and I am a little nervous about something bad happening to one of the horses during the derby (I don’t want to cry like a maniac at a party), but overall I am going to have a very fun day!

And my derby pick? I have two. One is Homeboykris because he is related to my Gennyral. The other is Devil May Care.