The First Show of 2010 – Part 1

So I made a big mistake at this horse show. The kind of mistake that can only be made if it is the very first show of the year. I delusionally thought that I only needed and hour and a half to get Phoenix ready in the morning. Yes, you read that right. I thought that it would only take me 90 minutes to get Phoenix from his field, give him a bath, braid him, go back to Gen’s barn to get my trailer, put all my stuff in the trailer, boot up Phoenix and be ready to put Phoenix in the trailer.

Even just typing it now it seems so stupid!!! I know better than that! Thinking about it rationally now I know an hour and a half is cutting it close just with bathing and braiding. Needless to say, time management was my biggest issue at the show. By the time I had Phoenix all braided and tucked back into his stall it was 11:50. Not good considering my ride time was at 1:08! I quickly dashed over to Gennyral’s where the barn owner help me out a lot by helping me hook up my trailer. I am usually pretty good at that, but I did not even have 5 minutes to spare so he helped me line up in a mated of seconds instead of minutes.

I had also not planed correctly because I was not dressed to show yet. I had thought I was going to have tons of time so I had all my show clothes with me, and not on me. By the time I pulled out of the driveway to go back to get Phoenix I had less than an hour before my test time. I had saved 10 minutes, but I was still running about 30 minutes behind! I was starting to get stressed.

On the drive back to the barn I reminded myself to take deep breaths. I was fine, Phoenix was fine, we would all be fine. If I missed my test time, well, then I just missed my test time. No big deal. The post of this show was just for Phoenix and I to get out and about. That was all. I had mostly calmed myself down by the time I got to the barn. I set up my trailer with the lunge line and did a quick prayer that Phoenix would just get right on the trailer no problem. I booted Phoenix up, told him to be good and loaded him up for the ride to the show.

To Be Continued…


8 thoughts on “The First Show of 2010 – Part 1

  1. Well atleast you didnt forget the girth. I have done that. So now I plan to be at the barn atleast two hours before I have to leave. I have the trailer packed and because I live on the farm I have my truck hooked up. I will have to figure something out when I sell the farm but that will come. I try to have the horse bathed the day before and clipped. That way I am ready. All I really have to do is just groom and load. Waiting for part two

  2. I’ve never done that for a horse show but I’ve cut myself WAY short on time for other stuff. You just wonder afterwards, WHAT WAS I THINKING???

    We are lucky enough now to have a horse that doesn’t need a whole lot of warm up but our first horse was the type that needed hours and hours of warm up. There’s no way we ever could have shown up and walked right into a class.

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