Courtney King Update April 20,2010

So things have been going well in Courtney’s rehab! It sounds like mentally she is coming back to herself. Lendon Gray went to visit her last week and Courtney was able to ask questions about her clients and other people which is just such a great sign. Mentally it is starting to come back. And now that the Treach is out she is even back to eating real food! It still sounds like physically she still has a ways to go. She has a hard time standing up for any length of time and reports are that she still is using a wheel chair to get around. She is working hard up at Kessler so hopefully with time is will all come back to her and she will look back at this whole thing as some sort of bad dream. Many reports have commented how grateful she is about all the cards and such that have been sent to her by fans. I hope that her body cooperates with her at some point and that she is able to start walking around again. It sounds like she is on the right path towards healing.


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