Poor Gennyral…No really… Poor Gennyral

You all had me laughing with the thought of getting on Gen bareback! Even on his best of days I would never do that! As sweet and wonderful as my horse is, he has a LONG history including sending riders to the hospital! My poor little stressed out pony had a hard time being ridden for years and years until I figured him out. Just because he was better for me, does NOT mean that I trust my little hellian rebellion sans saddle! I love Gen, but I love my ability to walk under my own power even more 😛

Speaking of Gen. My little angel is costing me a lot of money! I have been putting off doing a catalog order, but the time has finally come to bite the bullet and spend some money on my retired horse! His new halter is giving him rubs on his precious little nose. Trying to save a buck I just wrapped the noseband in gauze thinking it would act like a fuzzy. Well, I am sorry to say that it did not act like a fuzzy at all and has added to the problem instead of fixing it. All well.

Since I love Dover’s $30 padded leather halters for turnout and Gen has worn them before with no problems, I knew it was time to suck it up and make an order to the tack store. Putting in all the things I need, but have been putting off buying I nearly had a heart attack when I added up the total number! It is going to be a $210 order! Yikes! People can buy horses for that much money! I am in such sticker shock right now! Poor Gennyral has been living with things that are not working for him, like a fly mask that presses against his eyes so he cannot see, and a halter rubbing him for too long now. My only hope is that Dover still does free shipping to their stores so I can call the order in and just drive to pick it up when everything is ready. I will call in to place my order today and find out.

One last quick opinion question before you can see all the pictures of my adorable Gen modeling his poor man’s halter fuzzy. For the fly mask, should I get him the one with pink ears or stick to classic gray? I Borrowed the barn owners Cashel to try on Gen and it fits him much better then the fly mask I have been using on Gen (which has lasted for 3 years!!) so I am def going to buy the Cashel. I just don’t know whether I should go with pink ears or not! My new halter for him will be maroon and black so there might be a little clashing going on. Do you think Gen wants classic gray or a little something extra?


8 thoughts on “Poor Gennyral…No really… Poor Gennyral

  1. Maroon and pink might clash a bit too much for my taste – but it would also make quite a statement! 😉 Dover has a good selection of products – you are lucky to get free shipping and to be able to drive to a store! They ship to Canada, but the rates are insane!

    Cute pics of Gen out in his blankie and home-made halter!

  2. Would you like a couple of charcoal gray colored fleeces for the noseband of his halter? These are the synthetic shipping fleece kind. I used to buy bunches of them to be able to keep putting clean ones on Monty’s cribbing collar back when he did such nonsense. I still have them and they are in good shape. I can priority mail ’em to you if you like. I have no use for them, now. 😀

  3. I think I would go with the grey ears. I love the new bug eye bug off ones from Kensington. The have bubbles where the eyes go. The look funny, but I like the concept!

    Also.. You have a lot of items that do not work for your retiree. How about post them on here for an “auction” Then you can get some of your $$$ back for your new purchases and someone reading can get a good deal as well! Just a thought. I am all about trying to break even!

  4. If it were me I’d definitely go for the gray instead of pink ears. The only one around her with pink anything is Dusty, because she’s a girl. I’m not sure Gen would appreciate the pink and his friends might make fun of him and call him a girlie man. Love the pictures of him looking at all that good grass over the fence.

  5. He is SO handsome!! 🙂
    Have u visiting Horseloverz.com…they have a lot of great products for cheap and offer free shipping or low $5 shipping..I know I’ve saved money there and Dover is awesome but I HATE paying for high shipping..pet peeve of mine when that money can go toward horse products.
    I would go for Gray personally. Especially b/c I read somewhere that bugs are more attracted to bright colors…so maybe a gray tone would help with the initial issue anyway and wouldn’t clash w/ new halter.

  6. Do you leave his halter on him all the time and/or when he is turned out? I never leave a halter on a horse when they are out so never have rubbing problems. Could it just be his face hairs shedding that makes it look like rubbing? And what about ordering from countrysupply.com? They have a lot of the same stuff as Dover but cheaper. Just a thought. good luck with his new fly mask.

  7. Poor Gen is right! You’re thinking of dressing the poor boy in hot pink. I can just see by his eye that’s definitely NOT his color. A class act like Gen needs classic grey.

    Oh, we horse owners, what we do to our ponies in the name of love. LOL

    Oops, forgot to mention the $210 sticker shock. I so know that feeling. My wants are always soooooooo much bigger than my pocket book.

  8. I’m in favor of black and white or black and silver……love it on grays….a good dark blue with white trim works too!!!

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