Courtney King Update – April 8th!

The good news about Courtney has been slowly coming out. She is starting to get more responsive, which is wonderful news! She also finally got her Trach out last week!!!!!! I thought I would just copy and paste the update from Jason on Courtney’s website so share the great news about Courtney’s speech!!

Courtney’s Update – by Jason Dye

Wednesday April 7, 2010

Great news today! Courtney has been working with her speech therapist daily, she started today saying a vague ‘Hi’ and by the end of the day was saying ‘Thank you for your hard work’ to one of her Nurses. She still has a long journey ahead of her in the Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy sessions. However Court continues to amaze me with her strength, determination and positive attitude in such a life changing situation, hopefully the next update will come from her!


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