I don’t think I have a career in hunter/jumper show photography…

So PJandSpeedysMom is trying really hard to just become PJsMom. She got Speedy as a 3 year old hoping that he would turn into a wonderful dressage horse. After many years she finally realized that if a horse does not like dressage you cannot make them enjoy it. Speedy loves to jump. His owner…not so much. So Speedy has spent the past month at a hunter/jumper barn learning how to jump. I think he is looking really impressive for only 1 month of fences under his belt. I got asked to help out so I spent a few hours taking pictures of this handsome horse. What I learned is that I SUCK at taking jump photos. Don’t believe me? I thought you could all use a laugh so here are just a few of the pictures I took….

Whoops…a little late

Crap, now that was a little early

Yeah, not even close! You can't even see the jump!

At least I found the other half of Speedy in this one!

Worst Picture EVER!

Oh wait, I stand corrected

So close I can almost taste it


I took 36 pictures total. Out of those I only got 3 of him going over a fence, and out of those only 1 was good! So I average a 2.7% sucess rate. Hahahaha…at least I had fun right?


11 thoughts on “I don’t think I have a career in hunter/jumper show photography…

  1. Yeah, but when you got it right, you got it really right. If it was easy, professional photographers wouldn’t have that setting on their cameras where it takes continuous pictures just by pressing the button once.

    Thanks for all of your help – it was invaluable.

  2. Taking pictures of moving horses isn’t easy! I take a LOT of pictures to just get a few to turn out. At a little 4-H horse show last weekend I took 590 photos and 389 turned out decent. One of my best success rates ever but I didn’t take any cantering or speed shots!! Plus with a lot of the smaller digital cameras the shutter delay is awful which doesn’t help any.

  3. I usually video the jumping and then take the pictures from the video footage. That way I always get the shot! The quality may not be as good, but I can pick which frame I like the best. Speedy really looks happy! I think he has found his calling!

  4. I got such a kick out of those pictures, laughing out loud at the comments too. I have tried to take pictures of my horse jumping and have had almost as much success as you have. The good ones are worth it, nice job!

  5. Even the pros know that you have to take like 100 photos to get that one really great one. Sounds like you’re a bit ahead of the game as you only had to take 36!

  6. Wow, what a little talent that Speedy is! 🙂 Some horses DO love to jump! I jumped Laz a little when I first got him and he loved it. Not so much I’m sure in our future, but they were just tiny little X’s anyway. It was F-U-N!!! That is a tough job getting the perfect photo and you got a couple good ones..maybe it’s about the click speed on the camera? lol!

  7. ha ha ha ha…..your comments are great! And you did well to have a 2.7% success rate…..when I depend on my long suffering husband to photograph me at shows, he sometimes takes pics of the WRONG rider (happened once on XC….he took pics of the rider before me….and once he stood in the stadium field waiting for me to jump when I was actually doing my XC round.) So at least you got something!

  8. 😀

    Love your commentary on the pictures! Taking pictures of horses is kinda tricky. I haven’t tried to take pictures of jumping yet – just rail classes and dressage tests and that is hard enough!

    The last pic is great, so you have that to go on for now!

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