Beautiful Ride on a Beautiful Day…

Phoenix and I had a wonderful ride today. I did lunge him first just to make sure that he was okay, and there were tons of people on the farm so once I saw that he was in a good place I got on and rode around for about half an hour. I didn’t want to push it because of yesterday. I could tell he was sore. I was fine though. Not nervous or worried at all. Go figure. We did what I call his “hunter hack” and basically just putzed around the ring enjoying the nice day. There was no spooking, and no even thinking about spooking. My trainer is coming by for a lesson on Monday so that should help, but I honestly am just going to chalk yesterday up to a bad ride. I do have a lot going on in my life right now (I have some password protected posts coming) so maybe my stress level was impacting Phoenix? I did just get his teeth done in Feb. so I don’t think that is it. My saddle doesn’t fit him all that well anymore (yeah, not thrilled about that) so maybe that is playing a part of it? I was thinking that I may have also hit him with my whip by accident. I do that by accident once in a while (sorry Phoneix!) without even realizing it. Usually in lessons when I am working really hard, but I was working really hard yesterday. I don’t have a steady hand to begin with so add to that concentrating on something and it is just not good. I am so happy I had a wonderful relaxing ride today!


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Ride on a Beautiful Day…

  1. I’m glad it was better today. Hopefully your trainer can spot what’s going on. Of course, if your life is like mine, Phoenix will be an angel for the next 6 months! Horses are like computers: just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they find the most humiliating, expensive way to humble you. Good luck and have a wonderful relaxing weekend!

  2. That is awesome! So happy for you! I on the other hand had a demon child rearing and fart bucking around the arena due to the wind and god knows what. He was trembling when we got thru..what gives?! It’s SO nice to be able to hack around and see that they are enjoying themselves and are calm…so nice.
    What is up with the saddle now? Did I miss out on that? Do they gaurantee their work? They should for all that money!

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