Courtney is offically out of the coma!!!!!! And check out the Facebook Fan page of A Horse And A Half!

Courtney Update First….

I copied and pasted the good news directly from Courtney’s web page. I am so excited!!! Kessler is a wonderful place and I cannot wait to hear all the good updates that are going to be coming from now on. I am just so excited that she is no longer classified as in a coma!! Here, you can read the full update yourself…

Courtney’s Updateby Jason Dye

Monday March 29, 9:30pm

Courtney has had a busy week, on Thursday she made the trip by Air Ambulance from West Palm Beach, FL to Teterboro New Jersey. She handled the seemless transition well and is now settled at Kessler Rehabilitation Institute in West Orange, NJ -which is widely regarded as one of the top in the Nation.

While Courtney is no longer in a Coma she still needs more time to fully emerge. The Head of the Brain Injury Department has described her current phase as being at the higher end of a “Minimally Conscious State”. She has some awareness of her surroundings and responds inconsistently to requests.

The recovery from a Brain Injury is much like training a Top Level Dressage Horse – both take patience, determination, a highly skilled team of people and time.

I would like to thank the Florida Emergency Response Teams and all the Staff at St Mary’s for the great care they took of Courtney after her initial injury.

I am very pleased with the advanced rehabilitation program at Kessler along with the professionalism, competence and care the staff have exhibited. I truly believe Courtney can and will make strong gains in this environment.

Thanks again for all the emails being sent to and all the great cards received , I can’t wait for the day Courtney can read them herself and feel the love and support the Dressage Community has showed.

I am just so happy at that good news!! Now onto Facebook, which is one of the many places I would look to get information about Courtney’s condition…

So last weekend a friend and I were joking that there is a Facebook fan page for EVERYTHING. This whole conversation came about because I was bitching about how SmartPak (my least favorite tack company) had an add to become a Facebook fan. My friend countered that everything in world had a Facebook group or a fan page. We were joking and searching random stuff until I finally gave in and agreed that yes, everything in the world does have a Facebook page. She joked back that my blog should have a fan page, we laughed and jokingly set one up.

The more I thought about it though the more I liked the idea of having a fan page for my blog. I had never originally intended to publish it, but the more I thought about it the more sense it made to me. I tend to write pretty long winded posts. I also tend to not mention cute little things because I can’t fit them into the post. A Facebook page would be a great way to share those one sentence or one thought ideas that happen at the barns everyday. It would also be a great way to post show results so that people don’t have to wait and read through 4 days worth of posts before they find out how a show went! I was even thinking that it would be a good place to post any deals on tack and such that I find.

So last night I hit the publish button. And now my blog has a fan page on Facebook…which I think is hysterical! I know it is totally crazy, but I also think that it will be totally good! If you want to find it all you have to do is log on to Facebook and search for “A Horse And A Half” and it will pop up. Just hit the “Become a Fan” button to join!


5 thoughts on “Courtney is offically out of the coma!!!!!! And check out the Facebook Fan page of A Horse And A Half!

  1. Yes, everyone does seem to have a facebook page. However, we will no longer be anonymous b/c everyone will be able to see everyone’s else’s picture and info. Gotta be careful what we say now!

  2. Glad to hear she is doing so much better.

    I don’t do the whole Facebook or Twitter thing. First I don’t know how and second I think too many nuts are out there and I like to be somewhat anonymous. And I just saw a story on the news the other night that some girl on Facebook or Twitter (I forget) told everyone she was going to a concert and then her old friends from school robbed her blind. Be careful what you say.

  3. First rule on either FB or Twitter is never give a commentary that advises of what you are doing at that time, post about it afterwards. You can say you got tickets to a concert but don’t say what day or what time show. Just post about the experience afterwards when you are home.

    I always post a day behind what I am doing, after it’s done. Sorry that may not be real time enough for some but I feel safer that way.

  4. WTG, Girlfriend! I knew you’d do it sooner or later. LOLOL. Yes, indeed, one must be careful, but there are as many ways of managing your privacy settings as there is available advice on how to do it. Take it slow and have fun.
    See you in Facebook-land.

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