Changeable Browband’s…what a great idea!

So I was fantasy online shopping yesterday (you know…when you add everything you want into the online cart even though you know you can never afford it) at dressage extensions when I saw what I think is a really great invention. Changeable Browbands! They are called Simple Change Browbands It is a smart little invention where there is a browband that is speically shapped so that a string of beads can be clipped into it and look like a custom made piece. I mean think about it, a new browband can cost a lot of money and can be a royal pain to take on and off of a bridle. To be able to just change the chain…that is just genius! I wish I would have thought of it! At $80 for the leather and another $40 for the beading, it is way out of my price range, but it is still a really cool idea. When you think about how an average browband with beading is well over $100 it seems almost like a bargin. I am so buying a simple change browband…right after I win the lottery 😛 Am I the only dork in the world who thinks that this is a pretty cool idea? Does anyone out there have one? Is it really as easy to change as they say it is? Is there anyone else out there that wants one like me? I am a total browband junkie so I have a nice collection going, but I would be saving a lot of space if I had bought this instead!

I can already see all the differnt bead chains I want to Phoenix…

If I only had enough to be able to splurge on cool things like this! All well…A girl can dream right?


5 thoughts on “Changeable Browband’s…what a great idea!

  1. That is one of the coolest ideas ever. It’s a pain changing my browband from boring to bling for shows. Compared to other beaded browbands its not significantly more expensive but it is out of my price range right now too. My one question is how secure is the fancy part. Will it fall out?

  2. I concur that this is a totally fun idea! It seems there’s a trend of a basic item that can have it’s look changed, like one of my wish list items, the Miche Bag ( I’d probably never get around to changing anything, but we can dream! Can a person make their own beading? That would save money and add even more creativity!

  3. Yknow … I bet you could make the beaded inserts yourself, once you bought the base browband. You could even make much cooler, more personalized bead strips that go with Phoenix’s personality! And … and! I bet you could sell them, too, if you wanted.

    This is terribly clever! 🙂

  4. Check out They also make interchangeable browbands and do custom orders. I have not had any problem with breakage and I have been using them for about 2 yrs. I have two strands that I interchange, very simple to do and look great. I have gotten alot of comments on it. The leather is handmade and has held up very well.

  5. G’,Day check out starlight for an easy change browband at a reasonable price & world wide shipping.There different to these but worth a look.See you Rob.

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