Courtney King-Dye Come Update – Day 20

So I got a big smile on my face as I went looking for an update on Courtney King-Dye. All reports are that she is improving and that it is looking good for her to come out of the coma! What great news! She is not there yet, but she is become more aware and that is all we can ask for now. Lendon reported on her facebook page that when Stefen Peters (whom Courtney respects and rides with when she gets the chance) came for a visit Courtney tried to smile! That is an excellent sign that she is trying to come out of that coma. Lendon also said that she was able to point out family members in a photo and that she was able hold reins and follow their movement with her left hand. There is even talk of her being moved to a rehab facility in the near future!

This picture above was posted by her husband on her website. That is just one of the wall that is filled with cards! How great is that! It just goes to show how special Courtney really is to the horse community.


2 thoughts on “Courtney King-Dye Come Update – Day 20

  1. As a horse owner and Dressage enthusiast, I have followed Courtney’s career with great interest. Needless to say her accident has truly affected me. She is in my thoughts and prayers daily and with so much love and support from family, friends and the horse world, she’ll be back. God bless. Lindy

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