T-Shirts For Courtney King-Dye

So someone, I have no idea who, had the best idea ever! To help pay for Courtney’s medical bills (the assumption is that insurance is not going to pay everything) there has been fund-raising going on since the day after she got hurt. Most of it was big money auction items, or just sending a check. Neither of which would be the kind of think I would be able to afford to do. Yesterday when I was getting my Courtney updates I saw that they now have a fund-raising idea for all of us normal people out there. A special Courtney King-Dye “ComeBackCourt” T-Shirt!

It is suck a smart idea because even with the high quality material of the shirt, it is only one color to silk screen so they should be able to make a good profit off of the $30 shirt which will go right to helping Courtney King-Dye pay off her medical bills. I also love the idea of a t-shirt because how great will it be when she makes a full recovery and is riding to be a part of the US team for the 2012 Olympics for her to look out in the stands and see hundreds of white “ComeBackCourt” t-shirts? I can see the covers of all the horse magazines now with her halted at X and just a sea of white and black behind her. It is just such a visual representation of support.

Now I was going to order one myself, but they only go up to Large. And while I am large I am most definitely not a large so I decided against buying a shirt that I wont wear. I still think it is a great idea thought so it anyone out there can spend $30 on a way cool looking Tee I say go for it! Even better is the fact that it is being sold through ETSY, which is an amazing site that sells the coolest handmade and vintage stuff. Click on the link below to buy your very cool shirt and help Courtney King-Dye all at the same time.

Click Here to Buy A ComeBackCourt T-Shirt


5 thoughts on “T-Shirts For Courtney King-Dye

  1. I saw that the shirts are now taking approximately 7 days to ship (posters too according to what I saw). That’s not a problem but I couldn’t get from that notice to a place to order. Still going to try and follow up. Would like to have on just to help even if I never wear it.

  2. Hi everyone, it’s me…the woman who prints the tshirts and posters….I just randomly googled the shirts and this was the first link! The shirts are now available in men’s sizes S, M, and L due to the demand for sizes great than a women’s 0-10. The men’s tee measurements are listed, although all of my bamboo shirts run slightly smaller than your average tee.

    Orders are taking 7 days to ship possibly, as there are many logistical complications, such as people not listing sizes with their orders or not paying, and me having to email each person…I spent 4 hours a night emailing buyers and organizing the data, and 12 hours at my print studio printing the wrapping paper, boxes, shirts, posters…no machines…lots of arm power ; )

    The link to all of the merchandise is here:

    Thanks for the PR ; )

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