Okay, I am putting my big girl britches on this year!

But I am only putting them on one leg at a time…

Well, the time has come to do it. No more dreaming or thinking about it. The time has come to enter a recognized show. I am officially going to go for it. Time to try and see how Phoenix and I do in the big leagues. I chose my first USDF show with Phoenix as carefully as I could. I think I found the perfect first USDF show for Phoenix.

  • The show is the first Sunday in May so we still have several weeks to work out all the issues that Phoenix and I have been having and hopefully get his confidence back back up.
  • The show is also small, which is one of the reasons why I entered for it so early. They max out at 60 entries for the whole day and it is a one ring show.
  • The farm is only about an hour away. I have never been there, but according to their directions I just get off the highway and they are not even 2 miles from the exit.
  • They place though 10th place. With show of only 60 to begin with the fact that they place each class through 10th means that I am going to get a ribbon! I am going to need all the positive reinforcement I can get this year.
  • This show is cheap! Only $115 for the two classes. That makes me feel a lot less pressure than if I were paying $175 for two classes.
  • I am staring off slow. Phoenix and I are only entered in Training Level Test 1 and 2.

So I am hoping that all my careful planing was worth it and that our first USDF show goes well. We still have a month and a half to find out! Phoenix is not even 6 yet so I really want to make this year a positive one for him. I have not done a recognized show since 2003 so it has been a while for myself as well. In fact, my last recognized show was before Phoenix was even born! I know it is just another show, but I still had a moment when I put the entry into the mail. This is a big step for my fat spotted pony and I. We are taking our game up a notch. I hope this was the right thing to do!


11 thoughts on “Okay, I am putting my big girl britches on this year!

  1. Good luck! I want to see how Will does at the clinic before I enter anything recognized but maybe we’ll be joining you there! It does sound like an awesome way to take that first step up.

  2. …and you will do awesome!!!

    Just like with my recent first riding lesson (well at least my first lesson in many years). Sometimes you have to tell yourself enough is enough and jump in with both feet!!!!

    I will be sending you all my good vibes on that first Sunday in May! 🙂

  3. Whoohooo! Way to set a goal and GO for it!! I’m cheering for you and you will do great! Learning experiences continue on!!
    And..love the title, so funny! 🙂

  4. YAY!!!! You and Phoenix are going to do great!!! I am so happy for you! 🙂 Dreamy and I are doing NEDA Spring in May…..first show of the year!

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