3 years ago last week

*Courtney King-Dye Update. She is now in the 12th day of her coma but…SHE CAN BREATH ON HER OWN NOW! How great is that! They are also saying that she can open her eyes, but not in a way to show consciousness, but still a reflex to open her eyes is still better than no reflexes at all!*

Three years ago last week my life changed forever. On March 13th, 2007 my horse got hurt. It was just like any other day. I was getting my masters at the time so I was off at an internship site a good hour and a half from the barn. The barn manager and a fellow boarder were mucking stalls when they saw Gen and his two pasture mates carrying on in the field. Gen was running so fast that they took pause to watching my beautiful boy doing what he does best. I am told that it was a marvelous site. A beautiful spring day to watch horses be horses. And then it all went wrong. Gen took a bad step and immediately pulled up. He lifted up his left front leg so there was no pressure on it, went down to sniff it where it hurt and then looked to the ladies who had been watching him for help. They said that they could see in his eyes that knew something was wrong and that he hadn’t meant for it to happen.

I was told that trying to lead Gen to the barn was a painful sight to watch. He wouldn’t put any weight on his left front without lots of coaxing. He had a bump on his leg, but no heat and no swelling yet so the barn manager cold hosed and wrapped his legs. Since it had taken them so long to get Gen to the front barn, they decided to just leave him up there. Since I was at my internship I did not know any of this was going on until the end of the day when I checked my cell phone messages and there were several messages from the barn manager. They started off in the morning and seemed to get more and more concerned with each call. I, of course, immediately panicked and went to go see Gen. In the last message the barn manager had decided that it was a tendon issue so nothing more could be done that day. I called the vet to come out and see Gen the following day and took off of my internship that day as well so I could be there as well.

I went to see Gen, but there was really nothing that could be done. I took the wraps off and instead of there being a small bump, Gen’s leg had already started to swell. It was also getting hot. I cold hosed Gen and re-wrapped him. It was good to see Gen in person, but looking at that leg had me nervous. I was freaking out as I drove home. I had a saddle fitting appointment that week and was entered for a show the following weekend. I did tons of online research and found out that Gen would be on stall rest for 3 months if this was indeed a tendon injury. I was upset, but I also knew that I could handle 3 months.

When the vet came and ultra sounded Gen’s leg it was just as we had suspected. Gen had bowed his superficial digital flexor tendon. He was to be on stall rest for a few months and had to be cold hosed and wrapped twice a day. My vet said he would come back in 4-6 weeks to re-ultra sound and see if any progress was being made. I went to the local tack store on my way home from the appointment to buy a set of my own wraps and some poultice since the barn manager was letting me borrow hers because I didn’t have any. They were out of the brand that I liked in the poultice, so I bought a 5 gallon tub of very fancy poultice for $80 dollars. I will never forget that because I thought to myself that I would have tons left over after 3 months and that Gen deserved the best.

If I only knew then what I know now…

I think the fact that I FORGOT the anniversary just goes to show how well things are going with Gen these days. The scar tissue in his tendon is getting broken up and going away. You really have to look at Gen’s legs to tell that there is anything wrong with him. I even got clearance to start the process of turning him out without boots on when I feel he is ready. Maybe one day when the footing is good I will try to turn him out for a few minutes without them and see how it goes. My horse was not supposed to live to see 2008. Now it is 2010 and I am thinking about maybe riding him again a little bit. They say that time heals all wounds. In Gen’s case it seems to be right.

I think I am going to try something different this year. I am going to write my posts in the time line that things happened (except this first post of course because I forgot). So expect another post on the 18th because that was the date when it all started to go wrong…


4 thoughts on “3 years ago last week

  1. Oh gosh..I hate those phone messages. The anxiety builds as you pull into the barn, and how helpless you feel. Ugh.
    I’m so glad that sweet Gen is alive, healthy and enjoying his senior years. I say, if you can, get on his back for a nice hack…he will probably really enjoy that! 🙂 PICTURES!!!

  2. Time heals, doesn’t it? I’m so glad he’s at a point you can even consider riding him again! Isn’t his birthday this week or am I mixing him up with someone else? The Axester turns 18 tomorrow!

  3. So happy to Gen is doing so well. Would be awesome to be able to ride him again.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on Courtney….hopefully she recovers fully and goes on to preach about the value of wearing helmets when riding horses.

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