Carriage Horses in NYC Might Be a Thing of the Past After Today

*Quick Courtney Update. It seems as though she got a Tracheostomy done yesterday from the little information that I could gather. That sounds a bit scary to me. On the better side of things a different site remarked how strong her grip was when she was holding hands.*

So as my long time readers know I am split in the middle on the issue of carriage horses in New York City. I have personally gone for a carriage ride there so I have supported the industry. I also almost had a heart attack when I saw the horses with bad feet standing out on concrete all day. I have a friend of a friend with a farm in upstate New York who rescued a group of carriage horses who were all under 9 and were all crippled for life. That is unacceptable to me. I think that the NYC carriage industry could make a lot of improvements. Today we find out if they are going to get the chance. When I turned on the news this morning the first story I saw was about the carriage ban, but I was unable to find a lot out online. That surprised me because so many people seemed so passionate about this topic, especially after the movie “Blinders”. Here is all I found out. I am sure the outcome will be well publicized.

There will be a public hearing of the NYC Council’s Consumer Affairs Committee on Friday, March 12, 2010 at 10:00 am
at City Hall – 2nd floor
Council Chamber.
Three carriage horse bills
will be discussed.
Intro 35, the industry bill
Intro 92, the bill to ban the carriage industry
Intro 86, the bill to add
vintage cars


3 thoughts on “Carriage Horses in NYC Might Be a Thing of the Past After Today

  1. Touchy subject – I was there 2x last year and cringed at the horse’s feet… My hubby wanted to go for a ride, but I just couldn’t do it…

  2. Ohh..that is such a difficult thing. I can sympathize for sure. Where we got married, in Mackinac Island, there are no cars…horses and horse/carriages only. They are in good shape, have big shoes for the concrete and amount of work they do..but on hot days, or full carriages, I opt to walk. I once stopped the carriage to get out and help water the two large drafts…it’s tough. They should be given a good life for their work and heart, no doubt.

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