4 days in and No Change in Courtney King-Dye, and yet another reason to love Liz Austin

Yesterday, when I read that people were starting to switch their thought process on Courtney from the short term to the long term I kept hoping that it wasn’t so. Considering we are now 4 days in and the most exciting thing that has happened is that when Jen Baumert put chap stick on her lips she pursed them, I have a feeling that she might be in a coma for a while. I am still hoping that she pulls through this and that she will wake up soon, but for now there is no news to report. I will do my best to keep up with what is going on and I will post if anything changes. As you all know, I am a HUGE fan of hers.

So now onto why Liz Austin is so cool…

See that green ribbon in the picture above? This weekend is the Palm Beach Derby. It is one of the major dressage shows of the year. Everyone who is anyone in the dressage world on the east coast is in Florida right now competing at that show. Courtney King-Dye had several horses entered herself and had been planning on being there. Liz Austin heard about her accident (news spread fast in the small horse community in Wellington) and decided to do something to show her support for Courtney. She went right out and bought green ribbon (a green ribbon is the symbol for brain injury) and she and many vendors set to work to make sure that every person at the show this weekend had a visible show of support for Courtney. What a wonderful symbolic gesture! I am impressed with her thought to DO something when she heard the news. Just another reason why Liz Austin is so cool.


7 thoughts on “4 days in and No Change in Courtney King-Dye, and yet another reason to love Liz Austin

  1. The only thing that would make Liz Austin MORE cool is if she were also wearing a helmet in that picture.

    No matter the outcome for Courtney (and I pray it’s good), I truly hope she becomes the poster child for wearing helmets in the dressage world.

    I spoke to a few members of the board of our local open shows about making helmets mandatory for kids. They told me they did this a few years ago and got such a backlash from the PARENTS that they had to undo the rule. This is why many parents should have to take a test before birthing babies…

    I think I’ll go find some green ribbons to put on our riding clothes…we don’t have many dressage riders at our barn but maybe people will ask why we are wearing them and I can say because even Olympic riders can hurt their brains falling off horses when they aren’t wearing helmets.

  2. I was expecting someone to point that out. I have known Liz for years (she rode for UNH in college at the same time I rode for my school) and she is a sometimes helmet wearer. I am not surprised that she chose to not to wear one this weekend. The fact that a few people DID choose to wear helmets in the CDI classes at the Palm Beach Derby actually did make news. Just like your western classes it is looked at oddly if a top dressage rider goes into the ring with a helmet on.

  3. That is so cool!! If I was able to go to the barn today (instead of having to go to work) I’d wear a green ribbon too. I think it’s important for everyone to keep their hopes up….it sounds like she is getting the best medical care. I have never quite understood why people don’t wear helmets. I had a horse trip and fall with me once (and because of that I am always nervous cantering on ANY horse…..my fall happened when we were cantering). People need to realize that it has nothing to do with how GOOD of a rider you are. Even a “steady eddie” who never spooks can trip and fall with you.

  4. I was at the Derby today, and many of the riders were wearing green ribbons. However, there was only one FEI rider that I saw wearing a helmet. sigh. I have ridden (not shown, but trained here and in Europe) at the highest levels, and I always ride in an approved helmet. I guess I am just old enough that I don’t care about appearances, and I am confident enough in my own riding abilities that my head is more important than a statement about “how well I ride”. Anyway, kudos to the Canadian rider (darn, can’t remember who it was–which is a real statement about how old I am….) who rode in the helmet. And the Derby was awesome, as always. It was a lot less windy than in years past, and the temps were back in “FL range” as well. Thanks for posting the update on Courtney, as well. They had a very sweet and poignant prayer ceremony for her at noon today. Her status remains largely unchanged, however. Lendon was at the show today.

  5. We here @ Summit Dressage are praying and praying
    for beloved Courtney.
    Just know God has a plan and will see it
    through. He is the author of the begining to
    the end.

    Phillipians 4. anxious for nothing.

  6. Brain injury is a tough thing. Gradual improvement is better than no improvement at all and I think the fact the drain from her ventrical is clamped off sounds promising. Hopefully she’s just taking a much neededd nap and her brain is on the mend. Such a sad situation.

    I might add I am not helmet smart either. I wear mine when starting young horses but that’s it. You’d think I would be having a daughter with brain damage, not to mention my own concussion while wearing a helmet. It’s so easy to give in to peer pressure and leave the thing hanging in my horse trailer instead of having it perched on my head where it belongs.

  7. First-love the green ribbons and love Liz…

    It wouldn’t look odd to anyone if everyone did it. If the FEI riders start it then the lower levels will follow. Judges will praise you for it…Goodhorseman Dressage shows in Georgia and organizer Ann Genovese are working with the USEF with the following:

    Proposed helmet rule change:

    All riders in dressage competitions are required to wear an ASTM-approved safety helmet with secured harness while riding on the grounds at all USEF-licensed dressage competitions. Riders (at their own risk) may perform their test in a top hat, derby or hunt hat, and may change to their performance hat at the in-gate before their test. If they opt to change their hat for the test, they must dismount at a designated dismounting area immediately after the test. They may remount to return to the stables or other place only after putting their safety helmet back on, securely fastened.

    Send her some feedback. She is also afraid to go it alone at just her shows since some people might not attend to avoid this rule so she’d like to see it nationwide. Send any repsonses to goodhorseman@att.net Also The Goodhorseman Foundation on Facebook.

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