Courtney King-Dye Update…coma day 3

I know that at some point I have to stop with the updates on Courtney, but I am just not ready to go back to my normal blogging yet. When I first read the reports the accident seemed bad, but not that bad. Every update since though has made me realize how close we were to loosing one of the best dressage riders of my lifetime. It sounds like she is able to breath on her own now though so that is a really good sign. I am praying that she has a full recovery.

Here is an update from Robert Dover…

Courtney is holding on. She remains on a ventilator and some mild sedation. The sedation has been decreased because they have started the weaning process to get Court off the vent. Sedation needs to be decreased so the patient will be able to breath on her own. They have turned the the breath rate on the vent to 8 and Courtney is breathing on her own over the vent rate. The bolt that measures the intracranial pressure remains in place, along with a ventricular drain. The ventricular drain has been clamped. They have not had to open it to relieve any brain pressure. Concerns are that the sedation has been decreased and there has not been more activity on Courtneys behalf. The brain needs a long time to heal…so keep praying!


9 thoughts on “Courtney King-Dye Update…coma day 3

  1. I don’t mind the updates – you seem to have better ones that what I’ve been finding on google news. The whole thing is just heart breaking…we’ve been watching some old video clips and she’s such a beautiful girl and awesome rider…

  2. Don’t feel bad, I appreciate the updates. I am trying to follow the news but not having my own computer makes it hard, I don’t have the time to skim all the forum threads for new links and information and the websites I’ve been checking aren’t always up to date.

    Jingling for Courtney… She’s one of my favorite riders, too, and she has had such a rough run of luck these past few years.

  3. I don’t mind updates either. It hits close to home because her brain injury is similar to my son’s. I can’t tell you how awesome it is that the ventricular drain has been clamped- it means that her brain has started to drain itself. It does however, take an incredibly long time for an adult brain to heal. My mind is racing with things that could help her- stem cells from her own marrow do wonders & is now legal to do. HBOT therapy has help brain injured people recover in amzing ways. My prayers are with her now.

  4. Yes, please do keep up us informed, this is the only place I have been able to find anything current. All of us in the dressage community are thinking of her and wishing her well. I went and bought a helmet today and started riding in it immediately.

  5. We at Overlea Farm all pray for Courtney’s full recovery and hope that all of you riders – no matter what your discipline become habitual wearers of HELMETS!!!

  6. After my daughters trainer learned of Courtneys accident she decided that she needed to start wearing her helmet, I guess sometimes we all get into that comfort zone and think ” it wont happen to me” 4 days after Courtney’s accident my daughter’s trainer was bucked off a young gelding (freak accident) that she has ridden several times without incident. Thank God for helmets. We will continue to keep Courtney in our prayers

  7. Thank you for the updates. I am a ICU nurse and believe that miracles happen, I have been part of them. She has a long road ahead but it can happen.

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