My 2010 Show Expenses…Before I even enter at A!

Clearly showing is on my brain this week. I will try and make some time to tell you all about what an Omnibus is so my hunter friends know what I am talking about next year when I complain yet again that it shows up late 😛 I know that I should not complain because really I am just lucky to be able to show. Showing is not an activity for people who are stuggling to make ends meet. It is a luxury. A luxury that I love! If I could not show, I think I would just take lessons instead of lease a horse. That just shows you how important showing is in my life. I often get asked, “well, how much does it cost to show” to which there is no easy answer. You can keep show costs down by not joining any show clubs and only attending schooling shows. For many years I have been able to keep my showing budget under $1,500 even with entries, transportation, coaching and extra help. This year I do not think that I am going to be so lucky.

Since I am going got a USDF All-Breeds awards this year, which means that not only do I need to be registered for everything, but now so does my fat spotted pony! That is adding in plenty of extra expense. And the crappy thing is that while USDF and the Appy group are lifetime for Phoenix, USEF is not, which means if I try again next year I am going to have to pay another $75. I don’t mind paying any of these fees expect for USEF. I see no reason why I have to pay USEF fees in addition to USDF fees. Especially because my stuff loving self gets NOTHING from USEF. There is no reason in my mind that lower level dressage riders should have to be USEF members. So you asking yourself, why join? Because the USEF is like a cartel. You have to pay a penalty every show if you are not a member, and not only that, but they will take away your USDF eligibility if you are not a USEF member.  Okay, enough with my rant. I just think it is crazy in general that I have already put this much money into a show season on a horse who might not even make it to a show (I mean, I have not even ridden him in 7 weeks now! Stupid weather)! It is just crazy! You never know what can happen in horses. I hope I get the show season of my dreams this year though!

So total cost break down for my 2010 show season as of March 2010:

My membership for USDF $62

Phoenix’s membership for USDF $85

My membership for USEF $55

Phoenix’s membership for USEF $75

My membership for Appy club $30

Phoenix’s membership for Appy club $45

My membership to the local show grounds $30

My membership to ES GMO $55

My membership to EC GMO $45

My membership to SJ GMO  $45

Bringing me to a grand total of… $527. It is just so crazy to me that I am already in the hole for over $500 and I have not even entered a single show yet this year! And the total is only going to get bigger once show season starts. Would you all be interested in seeing how much an All-Breeds award is going to cost? Or was this one money post enough for the year?


5 thoughts on “My 2010 Show Expenses…Before I even enter at A!

  1. It IS crazy! I still have another $200 or so to go on my memberships, but at least they’re mostly the “optional” ones.

    I think it’s very good to outline these costs though. Since so many people find your blog by Googling for things, someone out there might find it very useful to have everything broken down like that!

    I tell myself that at least the USEF membership will come in handy if we decide to school at a hunter/jumper show that requires some of the same fees. But if I decided to go for a USEA award there will be even MORE fees! Ugh…

  2. Showing is an expensive proposition. But just think, you’ll get to show off your new saddle and how cute Phoenix is and how much he’s learned since you started training him. It’s not so bad if you can always look at the good with the bad, it sort of evens out sometimes.

  3. I agree that it’s crazy! I’m fortunate that my $65 CDS (california dressage society) membership also includes a group membership to USDF……I’m still trying to decide whether I’m going to be doing enough shows to make the USEF membership worth while. I’m NOT getting Farley registered with USDF… even be eligible for breed awards I would have to transfer Farley’s breed paperwork to my name and the expense is just not worth it.

  4. I haven’t paid all of my memberships either and I am really dreading. I have to pay USDF even though I don’t show dressage because I manage a horse show with dressage classes. That really stinks. As for USEF don’t even get me started there but since they handle the drug issues that are important to USDF and AHA we are stuck…… not to mention the basic rules for both organizations. They know how to get their fingers into the pies that keep the money rolling in, that’s for sure.

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