Thank You Baby Phoenix Pictures

Here are some more baby pictures of Phoenix. There are during his unfortunate ugly phase at a few months old. He is so ugly cute here I had to share and tell you my good news…

PHOENIX IS MADE IT INTO THE REGISTRY! (or at least I think he did)

The woman in charge e-mailed Last Chance Corral and they said they were happy to verify Phoenix on my behalf provided I could send them some baby pictures (which of course I could). I was shocked that they got back to her (I have not been so lucky when I have contacted them), and that they were happy to verify my parentless foal (better way to phrase it Brigitte?). I really had given up on the dream of going for All-Breeds this year. I had not realized how badly I wanted it until I got so upset when I thought Phoenix wasn’t getting in. I literally had a pitty party for myself for a good 2 days about loosing the chance at that goal. It is so stupid too because I did not even know I wanted that goal until a few months ago. In that short time the thought of an All-Breeds award really took hold. Just the thought of loosing the ability to try for that really bummed me out and sent me into a tail spin. When I got the e-mail CC with the LCC info, well I wish you all could have see my awesome happy dance because let me tell you, it was something else. The level of excitement about Phoenix possibly getting into the registry was special. I am trying not to get too excited because I am still waiting for the official “Yes” but things seem like they are going to work out. I mean, the woman even asked me to write a little bio article about Phoenix in the hopes that more people might adopt Appy’s instead of breeding them this year. How cool is that?!?! Seems like a good sign I am getting in right? And I just got an e-mail that the USDF featured breed of the month in May is…Appys! Oh I am so excited for the show year of a lifetime with my fancy dressage Appaloosa! And I am sorry, but I cannot help but laugh at those pictures. Poor Fat Spotted Pony…most people hide awkward pony pictures, I share them.


8 thoughts on “Thank You Baby Phoenix Pictures

  1. YAAAY! I’m so happy for you!

    I had to laugh at the last picture… Phoenix has that same embarrassed look in a lot of other pictures (for instance, one with a certain purple camo blanket)… If the markings aren’t proof enough, that face is! LOL! 🙂

  2. Hey – that is super news! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction again. So glad that LCC was able to help you out.

    Poor Phoenix – he has a cute little baby face though!

  3. omg..he still has the same wild eye look now! Those baby photos are totally priceless and SOOOOO freakin adorable!!!!!!!!! I LOVE makes me love him even more!!!!! Did u know him when he was this littlest babiest??

  4. Poor Phoenix! Not nice to post his embarrassing baby photos! Tucker made me promise if I was going to start a blog about him that I NEVER EVER share his awkward baby photos. He looked sort of like a cross between a giraffe and a llama with a goat head. But I fell in love with him anyway! “Ugly cute” is a great way to describe it! Though we all know they both grew up to be very handsome young men 🙂

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