Beautiful Blogger Award

First off let me just say thank you to Jennifer from How Did This Happen! She passed me the Beautiful Blogger award!

So the rules for this award are simple! Write 7 things about yourself and then pass is along to 15 bloggers!

First, all about me!

1) I want to start an equestrian themed candy company. Every December I spend many hours making candy for my horsey friends. It takes a lot of time, but I love it! It is a total pipe dream of mine, but I would love to make horsey themed confections and sell them as a side business to help pay for my horsey habit. I don’t know if there is really market out there for horsey chocolates though. I mean, would people spend $2 on a horseshoe lollipop? Or $5 for a peanut butter filled horse head?

2) I have a problem with saddle pads. I am constantly buying them when they are on sale. I Have a ton of white saddle pads that will never see the light of day, and probably over 25 saddle pads all together. With all those saddle pads I have, I will only ever use about 5 on Phoenix.

3) I cry at anything to do with the Olympics. I don’t even know why! I promise though that if you even play something as simple at the Olympic theme I will totally turn on the water works.

4) Speaking of the Olympics…I am DYING to go see the equestrian events in London in 2012. I am constantly checking for things like tickets (which don’t go on sale until next year) and tour groups (so I can just go with other horse living people and not have to worry about things like where to stay etc). I know that I could never afford to go, but hey, a girl can dream right?

5) One last Olympic thought before I shut up about it for 2 years. My 2010 winter Olympic crush is Steve Holcomb. He is the very sexy driver for one of the American Bobsled teams. If you want to know what I look for in a man, he is so it. I really hope he doesn’t retire within the next 4 years so I can have the joy of watching his cute self again.

6) I know I am a grown woman, but I totally still get jealous when I see people at events all with matching barn jackets. I never got to be a part of a barn that showed together, so I think that it is just something I am always looking for. I would love to have my trainer plan out the year and just have me and other boarders sign up for whatever shows we want to go to.

7) I want to go on an Icelandic riding vacation someday. Has anyone ever been? I am a big fan of hearty ponies and trail rides so running around the beautiful country side in Iceland seems like something right up my alley! If I can ever find a tour and flight in my budget I am so going. If anyone has ever been, was it wonderful? Does anyone know a good equine travel group to use? Someday when I win the lottery I am going to take this dream vacation.

Now it is time to pass it along. I am supposed to pass it on to 15 bloggers that are new to me, but I can only think of 7 that are new to me so I am going to pass the rest along to some of my favorites that I don’t think have gotten this award yet.

1) Rinse and Reville blog

2) Dragons Down.

3) Dapple of My Eye.

4) Green Horse, Green Rider

5) Geekwithahorses

6) A Tail of Two Horses

7) Sweet Horses Breath

8) Ace’s Journey

9) Spirit Blog10) Yet Another X Crazy

11) Double Cat Batik

12) A Tale of Two Horses

13) Confessions of a Struggling Dressage Rider

14) Homeschooling, Horses, and Motocross

15) And I have 6 other blogs left I want to give this to, and I cannot pick one so if you want this award consider it given because chances are you are one of the ones I couldn’t decide between!


8 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland too. I was there once on a layover. There are ponies and hot water springs so that’s the perfect vacation for me!

  2. omg …London 2012, equestrian…I’m trying to make that my goal!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I’ll see you there!? We can wear matching Olympic gear and pretend we are fancy like a show barn! 😉

  3. Done! 🙂

    As for this — I can completely say ME TOO! to 2, 3, 6, and 7. 🙂 I loooove the Olympics! I would go to just about any event, any time, but I would especially love to see the equestrian events in London.

    And it’s ridiculous, but … I want a matching barn jacket too. My barn has polo shirts and ballcaps, and … I don’t have one! It might just be because we’re not really A Boarding Barn, or because I haven’t gone to a recognized show, but I wish I had a cool shirt/hat too. :/ Ha — I feel like I’ll have really been accepted when I get a shirt! 🙂

    And I’m trying to talk my boyfriend into an Icelandic or Norwegian riding vacation! It might work. The “no, Fjord ponies are known for being calm, sweet, and docile!” argument is getting me somewhere.

  4. Thanks for the award…that was so sweet! Since dressage rider nominated me too, I’d better get off my lazy butt and update my blog and pass it on! 🙂

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