My 20 Minute Coronary – Explained

So winner of my little contest yesterday is…Big Chicken!
Here is her version of the story!
“Oh, this is easy! Gen is doing his ‘Lord of the Rings’ impersonations.
First, he starts off as Legolas the Elf – striding not ‘in’ the snow, but actually on top of it, as only elves can do.
In the second scene, he is the furious Aragorn, charging into battle.
In the third scene, he’s standing far away, hoping the forshortening will make him look like a hobbit. He is the brave Samwise. He’s facing left, because Mordor is to the right!
For his final two scenes, he’s in the Frodo zone. “ that the gates of Mordor?” walks up, “Yep. Yep it is! Here I go…Look out Sauron. Imma put a hoof in ya butt!”
This next one is him representing the Two Towers. He’s got legs, and indeed, he knows how to use them.
Finally, after all that oscar-winning, he’s relaxing at his make-up table. He’ll be in his trailer if you need him for the next scene.
Having a brilliant actor for a horse would scare me too. I see your concerns. “

Now coming in a close second place was Ktlyn615 who actually pretty much got the real story! So here is my version of what really happened!

So by Friday afternoon the snow storm that was supposed to be epic had turned out to be nothing. The roads were fine and it didn’t take long to shovel out my driveway so I headed off to the barn to see my General. When I got there he was still inside waiting his turn to go out so I was able to boot him up and take him out myself. I figured I would get some awesome snow pictures with my new camera (I love birthday presents). When I let Gen loose though he didn’t run or carry on like a crazy man. No, he just walked around sniffing the snow and looking around.

Since it was so warm the show was only about 8 inches deep I decided to be a nice horse owner and dig a little bit in the snow so a small mud puddle was exposed. Gen saw it, came over and dug some more and laid down for a nice roll. As soon as he got up, well, there was my little snow loving goof ball. He took off running and playing around. He raced to the top of the field and that was when I saw it…
They were of course the top 2 boards in the same area and they were the ones separating his field from the other 2 geldings.  I started to try and calmly walk up top to to fix it, but it was too late. Gen saw it too. The fence was still about 2 feet 6 inches off the ground so even though I saw Gen thinking about it, I didn’t think he would actually do it. I mean, even in work Gen was a dressage pony, not a jumper. It was when he stopped about 5 feet out from the fence that I thought OH SHIT. You see he looked at the fence again, looked at me, and back at the fence again. I knew what he was thinking so I yelled to him that he was NOT allowed. I could swear he was smiling as he took a single canter stride and cleanly jumped over the fence.

I do believe I lost many, many years of my life as I watched him sail over that fence. The problem with this snow is that under the nice coating is about a good 2 inches of mud and slush. Although he landed the jump cleanly as he was running away his hind legs slipped, but it only stopped him for a moment before he kept running. It was at that point that I let out a SCREAM. One of the barn owners had already turned around turned around to see Gen flying across the field chasing after another gelding and the other heard me from the house and came down. (Fyi…I am NOT one to remain calm when I am in Gennyral crisis mode).

20 minutes. 20 MINUTES! That is how long Gen spent running around the field. We were able to catch the other gelding after a few minutes, but Gen was not going to stop until he had his fun. We had grain, carrots, normal treats, anything you can think of! When I tell you I had a HEART ATTACK I am not kidding. I know my horse, he was having FUN and nothing I could say or do was going to stop him. He was having a grand time running across the fields, leaping up the air, just carrying on, and of course torturing me. Every time he would go down the hill in that field (the hill that is the REASON why Gen does not go out in that field) I would just freak out. I would yell, start shaking, and of course cry. I was terrified that this little escapade was going to cost my pony his life. Gen didn’t seem to be having any of those concerns. He was being a lunatic and slipping and sliding constantly. I could tell he was getting tired but I didn’t know what to do!

Lucky for me the barn owners had already thought ahead and opened up the entry to Gen’s field so he could go back. And after he could no longer breath and he was tired he happily went back to his field. I could have KILLED him I was so mad at him for putting me through that. I also could have killed him for putting so much stress and pressure on his legs. Thing about Gen is that he is unrepentant when he is naughty if he had a good time on his escapade. Which made me even MORE mad at him!

Once in his own field we put the boards back up and Gen happily walked over to me. Did I mention I could have killed him?!?!?!?! I brought him in, put his cooler on and walked him around. I also ran hands all over his legs expecting to find someplace where he hurt himself. I couldn’t find any injuries though. Once he was cooled off I found a good use for the snow. I brought Gen over to a snow bank and used mother nature to ice his legs just to be on the safe side.

I was expecting Gen to have hot spots (this is a picture of the barn owner with a digital thermometer) or for his legs to swell or for SOMETHING to have happened because my tendon injured horse JUMPED and RAN ON HILLS for 20 minutes! Plus, after every other adventure he has had in the past few years he has suffered some sort of injury because of it. He was fine though. Like totally and completely fine. In fact, I even turned him back out because I had no reason to keep him in. The barn owner didn’t even have to wrap him that night because there was just NOTHING wrong with Gen.

It took me a LONG time to calm down after his little adventure. I was still visibly shaken well into the night. It wasn’t until 11pm that I started to calm down. I was so upset because all I saw as Gen ran around was the fact that he was going to get himself killed. But the thing is, he didn’t. He didn’t even hurt himself. He was FINE. His leg did not even swell up after all that trauma, which is the first time that has ever happened in the past 3 years. Friday night was also the first time in 3 years that I actually dreamed about riding Gen again. It was the first time I could actually see myself on him in my minds eye. The first time since his injury that I could actually almost feel the power of his walk under me. I am not saying I am getting back on him, I am still too scared that I will hurt him or that he will hurt me. I think it is time for me to start working on that fear though because I clearly have no physical excuse for getting on him and walking around.


5 thoughts on “My 20 Minute Coronary – Explained

  1. I kind of got into the blog late, but you said you were afraid of Gen, hurting you or himself. Did something happen to cause this fear? Did he injure himself?

  2. Skya – 3 years ago on March 17th Gen hurt his tendon. No big deal right? Except that instead of healing itself Gen’s body started attaching the injury. I did the very controversial stem cell procedure to try and stop his body before it got rid of all of his tendon (19 of 23 cm were gone by the time of the first procedure). I had to get it done twice, but I am lucky that he is okay today. The chances of a horse surviving with a tendon injury that is more then 80% were literally 0. Gen is my miracle pony though and even though I was told he would not live to see 2008, look at him now.

  3. stem cells are amazing- they are giving them to cerebral palsy kids & they are making dramatic improvements. Who knows, maybe being to walk around on Gen is in your future?
    p.s. I am pea green with jealousy of your saddle!!

  4. I guess Gen was just checking to make sure that his mother’s heart is functioning properly. . . . or maybe this is Gen’s way of telling you that he’s ready to be more than a pasture pet? Just sayin. . . .

    In all seriousness though, I’m really glad to hear that he’s okay. I probably would have been in a blind panic myself.

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