Picture Post – My 20 Minute Coronary

So after my scary adventure yesterday I thought I would make something good out of it and make it into a blog contest. I am posting the pictures of my visit to Gen’s barn on yesterday with no captions. I want you all out there to come up with what you think might have happened. I know it looks like yet another round of snow pictures, but look closer. There is a story in there waiting to be told. The story that I think is the best (be it closest to the truth or just the most amusing) wins a little prize to get them in the mood for show season. Some hints to help you all because I know the story is well hidden in these seemingly normal pictures. 1) I lost many years of my life because of this incident. 2) This is not the first time that something along these lines has happened 3)But this is the first time that this has happened. 4) I am still very mad at my pony.

I cannot wait to read what you all think!


4 thoughts on “Picture Post – My 20 Minute Coronary

  1. Gen is peacefully standing having a sunbath when..he sees an opening. So he takes off at a gallop, making you think he is just “playing” around in the snow. Until you see the opening and your heart sinks as he heads toward the opening in the fence. He slows down, thinking for a second should i really go? (And probably turns around to make sure you are looking) Of course he decides, yes! And has a great time frolicking in very deep snow and giving you a minor heart attack. But he is very pleased with himself, because he loves to torture you!!

  2. Hmmm… Genny is calmly ambling about the field, you leave him to it and he frolics in the snow. Or so you THINK! In reality he has been causing great havoc, cavorting and snorting like a mad pony, trying to buy his freedom with horsey head hugs and dreaming of a career in Hollywood, as the new improved Seabiscuit! (cos Genny’s MUCH more handsome 🙂 )

  3. Oh, this is easy! Gen is doing his ‘Lord of the Rings’ impersonations.

    First, he starts off as Legolas the Elf – striding not ‘in’ the snow, but actually on top of it, as only elves can do.

    In the second scene, he is the furious Aragorn, charging into battle.

    In the third scene, he’s standing far away, hoping the forshortening will make him look like a hobbit. He is the brave Samwise. He’s facing left, because Mordor is to the right!

    For his final two scenes, he’s in the Frodo zone. “Ooh..is that the gates of Mordor?” walks up, “Yep. Yep it is! Here I go…Look out Sauron. Imma put a hoof in ya butt!”

    This next one is him representing the Two Towers. He’s got legs, and indeed, he knows how to use them.

    Finally, after all that oscar-winning, he’s relaxing at his make-up table. He’ll be in his trailer if you need him for the next scene.

    Having a brilliant actor for a horse would scare me too. I see your concerns. 🙂

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