Picture Post – My 20 Minute Coronary

So after my scary adventure yesterday I thought I would make something good out of it and make it into a blog contest. I am posting the pictures of my visit to Gen’s barn on yesterday with no captions. I want you all out there to come up with what you think might have happened. I know it looks like yet another round of snow pictures, but look closer. There is a story in there waiting to be told. The story that I think is the best (be it closest to the truth or just the most amusing) wins a little prize to get them in the mood for show season. Some hints to help you all because I know the story is well hidden in these seemingly normal pictures. 1) I lost many years of my life because of this incident. 2) This is not the first time that something along these lines has happened 3)But this is the first time that this has happened. 4) I am still very mad at my pony.

I cannot wait to read what you all think!