I am so happy right now! I GOT MY SADDLE BACK! I found the big box by my front door when I got home late last night. It is BEAUTIFUL! I did not even recognize that it was my saddle when I opened the box because it is that nice looking. And soft, it is so soft! I cannot even explain how bizarre it was to see this saddle with all these new fangled gadgets in the box and to pick it up and flip it over and see my saddle with the Mexican General nameplate on it! It was such an odd experience. Since it is snowing like crazy outside right now I am not going to get the chance to try it out on Phoenix today.  I promise that I will take pictures of it later with my brand new (and very pink) camera. I am so happy that I got my saddle back! Even better…today is my birthday so it was like getting a very cool extra gift! I just cannot wait to ride Phoenix again! I really hope my saddle fits him like a glove! I am just so freaking excited. I GOT MY SADDLE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!