Poor Pony

So as you all know I was super excited that Phoenix got accepted into a breed registry and that we were going out recognized this year. In fact, I was so excited that I went ahead and also registered him with USDF and USEF. Now, the bad news is…Phoenix was not officially registered with the breed association. I got an e-mail this weekend explaining that I need to provide breeder information. Ummm…The whole point of me joining this particular organization was because they were a color based breed organization not all caught up on lineage. I mean, it is not like spots just fell out of the sky and landed on Phoenix! Clearly he has some color in there somewhere. Phoenix was rescued at 4 days old from people who bred him to KILL him. Something tells me that they might not have taken meticulous breeding notes. Not only that, but even if I knew there information, which I do not, I would NEVER put it down on anything that would give them any sort of positive light. These people are involved in a horrible practice and I would never want thier name associated with any good in the horse world. The only good thing they did was hand Phoenix over to the LCC!

So after explaining the situation to them in the mail they sent back an e-mail that said okay, I just need to turn over a bill of sale from the LCC. That way they can trace it back to the breeders. Ummm…he was RESCUED. If a rescue sells a horse to you for lots of money chances are you are not working with a very good rescue. And adoption papers? Phoenix was one of several foals adopted at the same time 6 years ago. He had no name at the time and he was just one of the Appys. And still, how is any of this going to help them get breeder information? Head palm, head palm, head palm. It is not like I am going for any sort of breeder award. I want to go for a breed award. My rescued TB Gennyral came complete with a Tattoo, a registered name, and generations of pedigree. Phoenix came with spots…shouldn’t that be good enough?

Not only that, but I ran into another issue when I was registering Phoenix with USEF. When you register a horse you MUST fill out sire and dam information. It will not let you complete the form without. I know because I tried and all I got was that annoying ding and a pop up saying I needed to fill out the sire and dam information. Again, what does breeding have to do with anything if I am not going for some sort of breeder award? Why does it matter that my Fat Spotted Pony is a Bastard? I shouldn’t. I mean, I know that most people do not try and show rescued horses at this level (and I am starting to figure out why) but do parents really matter in a dressage competition? Poor Phoenix is never going to be able to get over his issues with a world that treats him like less of a horse because he was unwanted as a baby. I was finally able to put his USEF registration through by typing “Unknown” in both the Sire and Dam sections. It was just frustrating.

I am hoping to get all this registration stuff straightened out soon. I had wanted to enter for our very first USDF show as soon as I got Phoenix’s coggins back. I am debating about whether or not to just enter and hope the Appy stuff works out soon. Why must something so stupid be so hard? I figure worse case scenario I can just have someone write up papers for me. Heck, at this point I am getting frustrated enough that I might just make up fake parents for Phoenix. Clearly they would rather have a lie that fits in a mold then the truth that isn’t the norm.


8 thoughts on “Poor Pony

  1. Sucky. Can you contact Last Chance Corral and see what they can provide you? I’m sure they have only 1 or 2 “sources” where they get these horses from.

  2. Aww, please don’t call FSP a “bastard” that seems so harsh and he’s not illegitimate. He’s more of an orphan or foundling.

    And try not to get caught up in the spots and breed thing. Better to have fun showing an “unknown” than to get all worked up about this. There are plenty of grade horses kicking butt out there. Truthfully, I always thought they should just give geldings a pass and let them in just for color since there isn’t any breeding in their future, anyway.

    Unless they are afraid of someone cloning them… welcome to the 21st century.

  3. Hmmm… can the ApHC still register on color alone w/ geldings, or have they stopped that?

    Either way, your Fat Spotted Pony is a show stopper. Like SM said, have fun with him and smile knowing the World is a better place for you two being in it 😉

  4. We went through some of this with out first horse. He was sold as a “crippled” horse with no papers even though he could have been registered Paint. We knew who his breeder was, knew the name of his sire, were pretty sure of his dam, but still couldn’t get the breeders to sign the papers and APHA wouldn’t take them without being signed. I had all kinds of people that had witnessed his birth and worked at that barn that knew his breeding and even the new owners of the stallion and mares were willing to let me do genetic testing if that’s what was needed but noooooooo, APHA wouldn’t accept that. We finally registered him Pinto (PtHA) which was relatively easy. I did list the stallion’s name because we were absolutely sure of that (he was the only stallion on the farm) but there was some debate between two mares so I left that as “unknown” which was pretty funny – normally you know the mare and not the stallion!

    Good luck – I know how much work and frustration this is!

  5. You know the same thing happend to me. I rescued a TB she became a top Dressage horse and we breed her to a top Hanoverian. I am not going to say what but he was a great horse. Out pops a georgeous filly. Would make an elite mare in the hanoverian society. Next thing I know is because I don’t have the Offical Jockey Club Papers I can’t register my baby. This whole thing is crazy. Don’t let them get you down.

  6. How frustrating! I just can’t believe that some people can register Standardbreds as American Warmbloods without a problem, but you have to jump through all these hoops to register Phoenix when he’s most definitely spotty. I have seen a few horses registered without dam, sire, or breeder information, so I can’t imagine it would be that much of a problem.

    I would supply them with copies of whatever paperwork Phoenix has, even if it’s an adoption contract with a bunch of nameless foals on it. Hopefully it’ll work out for you and you’ll be eligible for the All-Breed stuff with him!

  7. yeah breed registries are crazy, and they hardly ever let people register unless they have dam and sire. I’m pretty sure they only do this so they KNOW said horse is actually part of that breed. They dont know anything about your horse and to be able to register him, most really do need dam and sire. Sucks, but thats just how it is :/

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