Umm…Saddle where are you?

So it has been exactly 6 weeks today since my saddle left me to go on a Canadian adventure. And I still don’t have it back. I was kind of hoping to get it yesterday, but no such luck. I am going nutty without it. Everyday when I get home from work I keep hoping to see a giant package with my saddle in it by the door, and everyday for a week I am disappointed. Not that I really expected my saddle to just magically show up the day after they told me is was done, but hey, a girl can dream. I am hoping that my saddle at least arrives before the weekend because I really want to get back to riding Phoenix!

Although I think I am going to save the honor of Phoenix’s first ride back after 6 weeks off to his Owner. I know, I am not nice? 😛 I am sure she is just dying to get on the back of a 6 year old who is going through a defiant streak after a month and a half vacation. His Owner scratched her last show in Florida and is heading home just in time to work out the kinks for me…assuming of course I get my saddle back at some point! Hey, there is a reason I have not fallen off in 7.5 years! And yes, I have just knocked on wood! Lots of it! In fact, I am going to knock on wood for the whole day now.

I think I just want to have my saddle in my hands. I am sick of worrying about when I am going to get it back. I want to see how the whole new underside looks. I am DYING to know if it FITS and fixes all the saddle problems that Phoenix has been having. I am also tired of worrying about if the delivery guy is going to return it too me in one piece. We are expecting heavy rains, sleet, ice and snow over the next four days. I am very concerned that I am going to come home to my precious saddle sitting outside enduring all that winter weather. It is almost like there is just this weight on my shoulders that my saddle has created so I am really looking forward to that going away! I just want to be able to ride again! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get my saddle back soon!