But…Miracles are Supposed to Happen to Everyone!

I have been reading the blog “Sweet Horses Breath” for a while now. It is about a young woman, Kristen, and her horse, Lazarus, who is suffering with a very bad case of Laminitis. She started the blog to chronical the journey of her first horse Lazarus, who is an off the track thoroughbred. It was in October when he coliced that the Laminitis showed up and has been here to stay. I started reading her blog in the winter and it touched me in a way that few blogs can. Why? Because Kristen is an eloquent writer who can articulate what the owner of a very bad off horse is going through. So many times reading her blog I have been brought to tears because I am brought right back to a moment in time when I was fighting tooth and nail for Gen to live. I selfishly assumed that because Gen and I had similar emotional struggles to them that the outcome would at least be the same if not better. This 20 something woman and I had such similar stories that I just knew she and Laz would be able to make am amazing comeback. That is why it came as such a shock this morning when I read her post…and Laz is not going to get better. He will not even be comfortable enough to be a pasture pet like my Gen is. As hard as she fought to save him, Laz’s body is not going to heal itself. He is not going to get any better.  She has a few weeks left to say her good byes and enjoy what little time she has left with her very sweet OTTB. It has hit me hard because it is not fair. She is a loving and wonderful horse owner and Laz is a goofy and sweetheart of a horse. Why must he be taken when there are so many unloved horses and bad horse owners out there? How did I get so lucky that my Gen survived his tendon injury? I wish that there was something I could do or say to help her through this horrible time. That is why I am writing this post. I know that when X died you all said wonderful things that really made me feel better. If there is anyway you could go over to Kristen’s blog and share your love, insight, and support for her as she and Laz end their journey together I know she would appreciate it. My heart is just breaking for her right now.