I am such a newbie to this breed stuff…

It has not even been a month and I already hate Phoenix’s show name. Day after day I keep hoping that it will grow on me, but it just hasn’t. If anything, I like the name a lot less than I did when I spur of the moment put it down on the breed association papers. It makes me feel better though that even in the following weeks I still cannot come up with anything better. As one of my good friends said, “His show name is Last Chance Corral’s Phoenix, you can’t change it so you better learn to love it”. I am trying, but it is hard. This is also the first time in my life I have to do paperwork for a breed pony (Gen obviously came with his tattoo and Jockey Club registration) so it is very strange to me think that I could not even change Phoenix’s name now if I wanted too…he is already registered after all. I will learn to love it…right?

And now onto a question that I am really hoping someone out there can answer. I need to register Phoenix with USEF and USDF now. No big deal right? Except that in the breed registry they have his birthday as 12/31/2004 because I have no proof that his birthday is at the end of March. So when I register Phoenix do I use what I think is his real birthday or do I go with his official breed registry birthday? I am thinking breed registry, but any input would be good.

Okay and now for my last breed association issue for the day. Should I be expecting something official from them paper wise? I was kind of hoping for a certificate or something saying that I have my uber fancy Appaloosa Sport Horse 😛 So far all I have gotten is an e-mail and password with my registration and a link on the website labeled “my horses” with Phoenix’s info. Do things not get done by paper anymore? Am I going to have to make my own certificate to make myself feel special that I have a fancy breed pony now?

So I know I am total dork and newbie to this breed stuff, but can I just tell you all that I am super excited about it? I am still amazed that I am even trying to qualify for a USDF All-Breeds Award. My baby horse and I have some big dreams for this year! Now I just need to get my saddle back :P. And have the snow in the ring melt :P. And my pony to behave when I ride him :P.