Baby’s First Year End Award!

Yes, that is my little award winner Hunter above! I did end up getting that year end award from the Local Show Grounds after all! Lori is on the executive board and e-mailed me a few weeks back assuring me that Phoenix and I would be getting a ribbon. She was also curious who I had been harassing. Turns out that the person who I had been calling and e-mailing to no avail was not even a part of the Local Show Grounds anymore! Go Figure! I had bugged this woman so much that my e-mail had them listed as one of my top contacts whose e-mail was not saved. It would crack me up because it kept asking me “do you want to save this e-mail” every time I logged on. I would laugh at the fact that I am so crazy that I am even willing to harass a total stranger for a ribbon! I still think it is odd though that the woman never got back to me, not even to say that she was no longer in charge of rankings. Whatever. I got my ribbon so that is really all that matters! At least to a ribbon junkie like me 😛

And speaking of ribbons…you can clearly see that things are not going well financial for the local show grounds. When Gen and I got a year end from them back in 2006 (I cannot believe it was 4 years ago already!) it was a huge ribbon about 3 feet long. This year it is normal ribbon size, but with an extra ruffle up top. I also noticed how tiny there ribbons were at the hunter shows (the dressage shows had big beautiful left over ribbons from when they did USDF shows). If it is possible to judge a show grounds financial health by ribbons things are not looking good for the local show grounds! I hope I am wrong and they just cheeped out because not only have they been around for over 60 years and the legacy they have is amazing with many Olympians getting their start at those show grounds so they don’t need to have fancy pants ribbons. I plan on showing there this year and have already paid my membership dues. Clearly size of ribbon does not matter to me and not only was I thrilled to get that ribbon this year but I will be perfectly happy if I get lucky enough to get a ribbon the same size as this one next year!